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June 2011 Archives

Middlesex County mother charged in drunk driving car crash

A drunk driving car accident can occur at any time of day, which means that Massachusetts residents are constantly in danger for suffering personal injuries in drunk driving car accidents. Intoxicated drivers rarely cause car accidents during their first drunk driving experience. These drivers can habitually drive drunk for years before injuring someone, which means that they are a constant threat to responsible motorists for an extended period of time.

NHTSA believes car apps may lead to personal injuries

Distracted driving is a problem in Boston and throughout the country. Many drivers cause car accidents in the Boston area because they are preoccupied with their mobile devices. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration head David Strickland believes that new technology to turn cars into mobile devices is dangerous and will increase the number of car accidents across the country.

Two units condemned after Boston porch collapse

In our last post we discussed a dramatic Fathers' Day porch collapse that injured 16 people in the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. The collapse provoked a massive response from local emergency crews and a Boston Fire Department spokesman said that all fire department supervisory personnel responded to the scene of the porch collapse.

At least one dozen injured in Boston porch collapse

Partygoers in Boston's historic Jamaica Plain neighborhood suffered personal injuries after an overloaded two-story porch collapsed around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday. Authorities believe that the porch at the multi-family Nira Avenue home buckled under the weight of the party guests. At least 12 people were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Wrongful death in Boston-area group home may be due to neglect

The Boston health care community was recently shocked by the wrongful death of a 25-year-old worker in a Revere group home. The 25-year-old woman was a counselor in a group home and was reportedly beaten and stabbed by a schizophrenic patient. That patient was not on his medications and left alone with the young woman despite his violent history.

Massachusetts drivers face restrictions for crashes involving troopers

We previously covered the fatal car crash that killed one of Massachusetts' first female state troopers. We also discussed the crash that was caused by a Massachusetts woman when she slammed head-on into a trooper's vehicle while driving drunk. That woman pleaded not guilty in Dorchester District Court to leaving the scene of an accident, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and driving while under the influence, among other charges.

Several passengers suffer personal injuries in MBTA bus crash

Many residents in the greater Boston area rely on public transportation to commute to and from work. High downtown parking rates, traffic congestion and environmental consciousness are all factors that motivate Boston residents to use public transportation. Some commuters also believe that they are at a decreased risk of suffering personal injuries on public transportation because mass transit accidents are rarer than car accidents.

Massachusetts trooper injured in '03 drunk driving crash dies

In our last post we discussed a drunk driver who hit a state trooper's car head-on. Although the trooper in that drunk driving car accident only suffered minor injuries, many other troopers suffer more severe personal injuries due to the reckless driving habits of others.

Boston woman faces drunk driving charges after car accident

Drunk drivers injure many Massachusetts residents and are a danger to local law enforcement officers. The Boston Globe reports that 45 state troopers have suffered personal injuries since the beginning of 2010 and that half of those troopers were injured by drunk driving accidents.

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