Posts made in October 2013

On cyclist safety (again)

Further to last weeks post on cycling safety, another tragedy occurred last night when a young lady was struck by a car in Cambridge, MA. Cyclists and pedestrians need to be constantly vigilant when traveling aside today’s drivers

Texting while driving has become a national crisis rivaling drinking and Driving. I feel confident in assuming that there are millions of more people texting and driving as opposed to drinking a driving. How any state can allow a driver to be distracted so frequently is beyond me. This activity needs to be forbidden as nothing short of a national health hazard. On the surface, many of these accidents just look like … well … accidents. But as we dig deeper we find that road design, construction site set-ups, and texting are at the heart of many of these tragedies. Something has to be done. Unfortunate but true, our society only pays attention to these things when it reaches epidemic proportions, or when a law suit helps crystallize the argument.