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Massachusetts teen critically hurt in car accident

As a parent, there’s little in the world that causes more turmoil than seeing your child injured, especially when it’s the fault of someone else. We all know that teenagers don’t always make the wisest decisions and, as much as we try to prepare them for the world, accidents happen. They might get in the car with an intoxicated driver or try a maneuver that only experience can tell you is a bad idea. Because of this, teenagers account for an enormous amount of car accidents annually and the results are often tragic.

A Massachusetts teen is recovering from critical injuries in a Boston hospital after a terrible accident in early June in Maine. She was riding in a vehicle when the driver spotted a friend in another car. The driver then attempted a pass of the other car. The vehicle the Massachusetts teen was riding in then went out of control, rolled and came to rest on its roof. The driver and another passenger who was hurt have since been released from the hospital they were brought to, but the Massachusetts teen is still receiving treatment and fighting to recover from her injuries.

The heart breaks for this teenager’s family as they likely cope with their daughter’s terrible injuries and hope in their hearts for a full recovery.

When you or a loved one has been injured thanks to someone else’s negligence, it’s perfectly reasonable to try to seek compensation to financially deal with medical expenses and pain and suffering. However, what options a person has in this regard can vary quite a bit depending on what exactly happened in an accident. A Massachusetts attorney can advise individuals on what the right course of action might be in their circumstances.

Source: Sun Journal, “Massachusetts teen injured in Rangeley crash makes gains,” Donna M. Perry, June 17, 2014

Worker fatally injured in Massachusetts truck accident

Construction work is a very dangerous business by its nature. There is almost no instance in which a construction site is not dangerous, either because of the height risks of working on a Boston skyscraper or the possibility of malfunctioning machinery. Many construction sites involve roads that are still operating in some capacity, which puts construction workers in close proximity to fast moving vehicles. This obviously comes with some risks that can prove fatal.

Recently in Massachusetts, a dump truck struck a construction worker on Interstate 91. As a result of the truck accident, two lanes were closed while police investigated the incident. By the early morning, traffic was moving again, but there is still very little information about the cause of the accident or the circumstances surrounding it. All that is confirmed is that one construction worker is dead after being struck by a dump truck.

This is obviously an extremely tragic accident that many construction workers likely fear in their line of work, but it is important to note that construction workers are not the only ones at risk of such an accident. There are plenty of reasons that any person may step out of their vehicle, and if a large truck driver is not paying attention or the truck is in a state of disrepair, the slightest mistake could cause a fatal pedestrian accident.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, whether they were in their car or on foot, it is highly recommended that you seek legal assistance. With the help of an attorney, you can take advantage of the rights afforded to you by the law as the victim of a truck accident. Successfully proving that you were not at fault in the accident could lead to compensation for your injuries or loss.

Source: WWLP, “Deadly accident on I-91: Construction worker hit by dump truck,” Tamara Sacharczyk, June 10, 2015

Massachusetts truck accident kills elderly woman

As trucks are often towing heavy loads, they can be harder to control and prone to accidents. Furthermore, depending on the content of the load, trucking accidents can result in widespread damage affecting multiple other drivers. An accident in Massachusetts proved costly for the family involved when an accident claimed the life of a goat they were grooming to be a champion.

The four individuals in the truck were heading to a country fair in Kentucky to show their goats. The 24 animals were in a camping trailer attached to the back of the truck. Unfortunately, the driver, a 53-year-old woman from Rehoboth, lost control when she was passed by a tractor-trailer. Her vehicle and the attached camping trailer rolled over, coming to rest on the side of the road.

The prize-winning goat was the only casualty of the accident. No one else was seriously hurt. The goats were transported from the scene with the help of Charlton animal control and the owner of Sturbridge Service Center, who had been called to remove the wreckage.

The loss of the goat was understandably upsetting for the occupants of the vehicle, but they were fortunate that the toll was not greater. Even so, accidents such as this can be deeply distressing, leaving the victims shaken for some time after the event.

If you are involved in a truck accident, you may be concerned about the cost of repairing your vehicle, not to mention any medical expenses you may have incurred. If this is the case, an attorney can assist you in pursuing a fair payout from your insurance company, or even seeking compensation if someone else was responsible for your accident.

Source: Telegram, “Prize-winning goat dies in rollover on Mass Pike,” Craig S. Semon, July 12, 2014

Nursing home alleged to have failed to report abuse for days

Nursing homes are charged with the most sacred of duties — taking care of the people who are most precious to us, people who have loved and taken care of us our entire lives. The elderly deserve the utmost respect and proper care. Sadly, nursing homes don’t always live up to this standard and sometimes fail to meet even a reasonable standard of care when it comes to their elderly residents.

Nursing home abuse and negligence is far too common in this country, and when it happens to a loved one, it can leave you feeling betrayed and angry. It has recently been alleged that a nursing home in North Carolina waited almost a week to report alleged abuse of those under its care. A male resident of the facility allegedly groped multiple female residents, and, according to reports, at least one employee saw the alleged abuse happen. Purportedly, the nursing home’s nursing director, facility administrator and executive director all became aware of the alleged sexual abuse soon after it allegedly occurred. The home, however, allegedly waited almost a week before telling police and families of the alleged abuse.

Families were upset about the purported delay in being informed. Had they known immediately, they could have been there sooner to comfort their family members.

The facility claimed that the delay occurred because it held off reporting until it checked out the accuracy of the abuse allegations.

This case didn’t happen in Massachusetts, but cases like these are sadly not uncommon here. If you suspect unreported abuse or you know a family member was abused at a nursing home, a Massachusetts attorney may be able to help you fight for compensation for your family member.

Source:, “Nursing home under investigation after taking days to report abuse,” Dave Faherty, June 3, 2014

The modern truck accident representation you need

Truck accidents are a serious concern for anyone driving on the roads nowadays. Thanks to online shopping, large trucks are shipping more and more objects, and the trucking companies are having to stretch their trucks and drivers even thinner in order to maximize their profits. If a truck accident does occur, there will likely be massive damages, and the truck companies could be liable depending on the circumstances.

Of course the trucking companies know this, and after years of being in the trucking business, many of them have no lack of legal representation to minimize their liability. Because of this, it is becoming harder and harder for victims of a truck accident to prove what happened and get the compensation they deserve. That’s why we make sure to use every resource available in order to help victims of truck accidents.

Truck accidents can happen in an instant, and with so many factors contributing to the accident, it can be absolutely impossible to tell what happened, especially in the frenzy of the moment. Fortunately for victims of a truck accident, modern technology has advanced to the point where accidents can be analyzed in a more scientific, critical manner. Reconstructing the accident with computers or even physical reenactments can be used to gain solid proof of exactly how the truck accident played out.

Massachusetts residents who are injured in a truck accident are encouraged to speak with a truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. Trucking companies will act very quickly in the event of an accident, so it is imperative that victims do too. The right legal representation can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve following your accident.

Store’s dangerous property conditions injure 10-year-old boy

Anyone with children will tell you that watching a son or daughter suffer is one of the most gut-wrenching traumas a parent can go through. Not only is the sight of your injured child horrifying, you feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness. You’d do anything to make it better, but sometimes you can’t. These tragedies are even more heartbreaking when they’re preventable.

We expect a reasonable amount of safety provided by property owners, but what happens when that responsibility is neglected? When safety precautions are ignored and people are hurt because of it, we have premises liability lawsuits. These allow anyone injured on someone else’s property to seek compensation for injuries incurred there.

One Illinois boy had to have 18 stitches after an awning at a hobby store broke and fell on him. His father was sitting in a car in the parking lot when he saw the awning fall. He rushed to his little boy and, flinging the awning to the side, saw that his son had a 3-1/2-inch cut on his head.

After the fact, the store owner admitted that the awning was old and said mall employees were making sure they were secure. This may prevent future accidents, but it should have been done before someone got hurt.

If the family decides to sue, many might say it’s frivolous. But do you have an expectation of safety when you visit a store? Should you pay medical bills for damage inflicted by someone else’s negligence?

A Massachusetts attorney could look at several factors to determine liability. Was the awning the property of the store owner or the mall? Did anyone know that the awnings were dilapidated and posed a risk? If so, who failed to do anything about it?

If you’ve been injured thanks to the negligence of a store or mall, you do have rights. An attorney in Massachusetts can explain them to you and help you decide the best course of action.

Source:, “SEE IT: Awning falls on boy outside hobby store in suburban Chicago,” Joel Landau, May 26, 2014