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Helping nursing home residents be compensated for mistreatment

For many of us, when we entrust the care of our loved ones to a nursing home, we are not as diligent as perhaps we should be about ensuring that our loved ones are receiving the proper care that they need. This is of course because we trust the nursing homes to provide said care. Unfortunately, not all nursing homes take exceptional care of their patients, and some elderly individuals are abused by the nursing home staff or treated with neglect and not given the special attention that they need.

The good news is that Massachusetts law is very clear when it comes to nursing home negligence, and elderly individuals who have been abused by nursing home staff can be compensated generously for any injuries they receive. If the elderly individual is killed as a result of the negligence, then their loved ones can collect the compensation on their behalf.

In order to receive the compensation that they deserve, injured individuals will have to prove the full extent of their injuries, which could include many different adverse health effects. Mental suffering or disfigurement may possibly be compensated and issues that result in shortened life expectancy can also result in compensation.

Of course the key to this compensation is proving that the nursing home was directly responsible for the injuries and also proving the extent of the damages that the injuries or negligence caused. Enlisting the aid of an attorney can help you investigate the nursing home and its treatment of your loved one. This can be crucial in proving the extent of the nursing home’s negligence and the abuse that your loved one suffered, making it more likely that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Legal defense for all types of defective products

Many people know that they can be compensated for injuries that they suffer due to another’s negligence, and that this compensation can include dangerous or defective products. However, when most people think of defective products that may cause injury, they think of defective hip replacements or machines and appliances that they use throughout their homes. Obviously these certainly qualify and can easily be responsible for injuries, there are other products that consumers may not think of.

One such product that is capable of causing serious damage with very little warning is medication. Dangerous or defective drugs are obviously concerning because they are being ingested directly into the body, and thus are capable of causing serious health issues. Additionally, they can affect many individuals all across the country, including in Massachusetts. Defects in these drugs are often difficult to detect because once the medicine is mixed in a pill, it will likely look just like any other drug.

Consumers are encouraged to closely monitor their health and remain in contact with their health care providers whenever they begin taking new medication. If a pharmaceutical company does not become aware of a defect in its medication, consumers may continue to take the dangerous drugs without knowing that they are being harmed. In many instances, it is only through continuous reports of adverse health effects that the dangers of a drug become known.

If you believe you have been injured by a defective or dangerous product, we would be happy to discuss your rights with you. The legal assistance we provide can help you prove that you were injured by a defective drug, which may lead to compensation recovered from a successful products liability claim.

Chaotic accident occurs in Massachusetts

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and there are usually multiple factors that contribute to them, some of which may be completely beyond anyone’s control. Because of this, it can often be difficult to make a claim in the aftermath of an accident, especially if other people are attempting to minimize their liability or attempt to put the blame elsewhere. Still, if you are confident in your perception of what happened, it is important that you do not let others keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

A fatal car accident occurred recently in Massachusetts involving three different vehicles and even more individuals. According to officials, the accident was caused by a Honda Accord that veered out of its lane and struck another vehicle and then collided with another car on the highway. Two people were injured, and one of the occupants of the Accord was killed.

Police are currently investigating the accident; in particular they are attempting to discover if the victim of the fatality was behind the wheel of the Accord or simply a passenger. Obviously this detail could be crucial not only in the understanding of the accident, but also in the legal ramifications if any claims should be filed.

Under Massachusetts law, victims of an accident can be compensated at the expense of the person who was liable for the accident. If the victim was not driving the car, then the victim’s family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to be compensated for their loss, even though their loved one was in the vehicle that caused the accident. Regardless of the circumstances, this accident shows how chaotic and unpredictable a car wreck can be, which is why it is important to enlist the aid of an attorney who can help you investigate an accident and file a claim.

Source: WHDH, “Man killed in 3-vehicle crash in Methuen identified,” July 3, 2015

Understanding animal bites on another’s property

In many premises liability instances, an injury occurs on the property of a friend or a loved one, mainly because these are generally the circumstances in which you will find yourself on someone else’s property. A pleasant lunch meeting may end in tragedy, however, if an accident suddenly occurred that caused you an injury. If that injury could have been avoided, then the property owner may be liable for your injuries, and you could be compensated at their expense.

One such way in which you could suffer an unexpected injury would be if you are bitten by an animal. If the friend has a pet, and that pet bites you, you could file a premises liability lawsuit to be compensated for your injuries. The important thing in such a case, however, is to prove that the property owner should have known or reasonably expected that the animal would bite and taken steps to warn you or prevent the injury from occurring.

The unfortunate thing about suffering an injury on a friend’s property is that you may be hesitant to file a claim. After all, nobody wants to cause financial harm to their friend by filing a lawsuit against them. It may help you to learn, then, that it is usually not the property owner who pays for such an injury.

In most instances, when an animal is on someone’s property and bites another person, the owner’s insurance will pay for the damages. This means that renter’s insurance, homeowner’s insurance or car insurance will likely be handing out your compensation following a successful claim. If you live in Massachusetts, and you have been injured by a dog bite, consider consulting with an attorney to learn more about your rights.