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Newsweek Boston's Best Personal Injury Attorney

Darin Colucci is the Only US Attorney to Win Newsweek’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer Award 3 Years in a Row

Have you ever been involved in an accident or injury? Many accidents occur due to poor oversight and negligence, and although you may not be at fault for your injury, you’re often the one who will face difficulty. What’s worse are the multiple damages that occur after the injury – everything from physical injury and pain to lost wages at work and psychological/emotional trauma.

Getting caught up in a spiral of medical bills, debt and stress for injuries that aren’t your fault is certainly traumatic, but you are not alone.

If you believe you are not at fault for your injury, you will need a personal injury lawyer. However, not just any lawyer will do. You need Boston’s best lawyer: Darin Colucci.


Award-Winning Strategy

Darin Colucci has risen to prominence by winning numerous awards, which include three Super Lawyers awards. He has also placed in the top 5 percent of Massachusetts attorneys by Boston Magazine. More recently, he had the honor of winning Newsweek magazine’s award for Best Personal Injury Lawyer for the third consecutive year, setting a record and breaking new ground in the magazine’s history!

As mentioned in Newsweek’s recent article:

“Darin Colucci of Boston, MA, is the only attorney who has made our list for three consecutive years, and it is obviously well deserved.”

This level of success is achieved through years of hard work, strategy, and skill. In a follow-up interview, Mr. Colucci revealed his secret strategy for bringing prestige and excellence. He explained that during many injury cases, the lawyer and firm are expected to be thrown into a dilemma and to solve all of the problems currently plaguing the client. Many firms are hesitant to commit to a client due to the complexity and time involved in certain cases.

This is where Mr. Colucci’s approach is different.

Mr. Colucci believes that every problem has a solution, and he takes cases regardless of the apparent difficulty of the problem. He knows that every case, while unique and challenging in its own right, has an optimal solution. He focuses on solving the issues posed by the client, making it his prime goal to land the highest possible settlement for that individual. By applying this strategy and approach to his practice, he has managed to grow the firm exponentially.


Expertise and Knowledge

Darin Colucci is the managing partner of Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin P.C. He has decades of experience fighting cases. He solves cases both locally and nationally, tackling cases that cover a wide range of issues including dangerous work site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence, pharmacy liability and more.

Mr. Colucci is also the author of Everything I Never Learned In School: A Guide To Success. In this book, he reveals many of his secrets to achieving success and knowledge, which he has learned over the course of a long and successful career.


Get Award-Winning Representation

If you would or someone you know has suffered a personal injury and would like Darin Colucci or one of the firm’s other partners to represent your case, give us a call at (888) 330-6657. If you’d rather reach out online, contact us using our request page. We would love to talk to you about your options.

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3 Steps to Choosing the Best Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

A few years ago my car started to have problems and the mechanic told me he needed to replace my crankshaft sensor. Up to that point, I didn’t even know what that was, and I’d never considered myself in the market for a new one. Hiring an attorney is often the same way: You’ve spent most of your life without thinking about one, but now all of a sudden you need to find the best lawyer around as soon as possible.

When you go to the produce department to purchase an exotic fruit you’ve never had before, you need to learn what to look for and how to tell a good one from a mediocre one. The same is true for hiring a lawyer, and here are three easy steps to help you find the best lawyer in your area.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Lawyer



Great lawyers are not secret agents who hide behind the scenes. The best ones make names for themselves, so find out who has a strong reputation. Go to to see who has a strong rating in your practice area.

Alternatively, you can look up attorneys you are considering to represent you and see how their reputations hold up online. Avvo incorporates reviews, both in numerical scores and in written comments. Read what the reviewers had to say and consider if that is someone you would want to represent you.



The best lawyer will always have a track record of success. Attorneys are eager to publicize their successful cases because they want those results to help attract future clients.

Look up an attorney you are considering in a search engine. Check Lawyers Weekly for their name, and make sure you include any middle initials so you don’t get John K. Smith confused with John H. Smith.

Skilled attorneys are not one-hit wonders. Superb personal injury lawyers will have more than a dozen high settlement cases under their names.



Nothing is as reliable as asking a friend or family member about the attorneys that they hired. Ask around. If your cousin had a good experience with attorney Jillian T. Rainmaker, do some research on her and consider contacting her office.

It’s also not a bad idea to hire a friend who is also an attorney, just as long as you’re comfortable having frank conversations with someone you know about your own medical, financial and personal matters.

It doesn’t matter what order you take these steps in, just as long as you are methodic about it. Picking a lawyer is not like ordering a pizza, so don’t just go to the nearest location from your home.


Ready for the Next Step?

If you’ve check out our ratings and case histories and are considering moving forward, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 or contact us.