With Memorial Day weekend looming most people are excited about the unofficial start of summer, barbeques, boating and hopefully, better weather.  A sad reality though is that there will be more car accidents on that weekend than most any other.  And the reason ??  Well, it’s mostly rooted in stupidity.  People tend to drink too much and drive too fast while they’re “celebrating”.  And it only takes the wayward actions of one person to adversely affect so many others.  I recently learned of an accident where 5 young friends were all driving in a car together.  The young man at the wheel began speeding.  Some of the passengers immediately complained which actually made him drive even faster (rooted in stupidity).  He then proceeded to strike a tree seriously injuring everyone in the car but  … himself.  Four young lives were forever changed because of one idiot.  The problem with auto accidents, and I fear it will always be the case, is that you can be the safest driver in the world, but it might not matter.  Please implore your kids and friends to be careful when accepting a ride from someone who has over indulged.  Every cliché about it is unfortunately true.  It only takes a second — one bad decision can affect your whole life – don’t trust your life to someone else .   People need to realize that their life is on the line when the get in the car with someone who “might be” impaired.  Also, please steer clear of anyone driving erratically and don’t hesitate to contact law enforcement if you see someone driving dangerously.  You’ll be saving lives including the person who is endangering others.  Please have a safe and enjoyable kickoff to your summer.