Are you sure your car is fully insured?

Fairly often, a client will tell their lawyer that they have great coverage and are fully insured, only to find out later that they have the bare minimum of insurance conceivable.

Would you happen to have a copy of your DEC page. 1 page document that everyone gets when they get car insurance. It tells your coverages are. It says whether you have $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000 coverage or a $1 million. If they have their DEC page with them that would help me, because very very often I say to someone. Do you know what kind of insurance you have? oh I’m fully covered, I have great insurance. It turns out they have the bare minimum of insurance conceivable. most people really don’t understand.

The difference between good insurance and “bad” insurance is nominal money. You could pay another $40 and get hundreds of thousands of dollars of coverage, but people don’t grasp that and they just want cheap coverage.