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Bicyclist Injured in Collision With Trash Truck

Bicyclist Injured in Collision With Trash Truck

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Boston has a high percentage of cycling commuters compared with the rest of the country. Nationwide, only 0.6 workers use bicycles as their primary means of getting to work; in Boston, however, 1.7 percent of workers commute by bicycle.

Of course, with more cyclists on the road, there is a greater chance of accidents. A majority of these crashes between vehicles and cyclists occur when drivers attempt to make a turn in front of a bicycle yet misjudge the distance.

The Boston Globe reports that this is the scenario that led to a collision between a local cyclist and a garbage truck. The truck driver cut off the cyclist, and the man became trapped under the tire of the truck.

The victim was dragged several feet before the driver realized and stopped. The bicycle was mangled beneath the heavy trash truck, and the bicycle rider wasn’t able to get out from beneath the vehicle. Witnesses say that rescue teams spent 30 minutes extricating him from the scene. Paramedics took him to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, but doctors say he should recover.

This Type of Accident Is Far From Uncommon

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Boston cyclist will be one of approximately 50,000 people who will suffer injuries after a car accident while riding a bicycle. More than 700 cyclists will lose their lives this year. The numbers show that cyclists may face an increased risk of injury than other commuters. Only 1 percent of all trips on U.S. roads involve a bicycle, but bike accidents account for 2 percent of all traffic accidents. While these statistics should not deter cyclists from riding, they do illustrate that they are in serious danger from negligent drivers.

In these situations, it’s often difficult for the victim to recover compensation from the driver’s insurance company. In some cases, insurers try to pin some of the blame on the cyclist even if the facts don’t support that allegation. If find yourself in this situation, you may benefit from consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer. To arrange a case evaluation with an attorney from Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., please call us at 617-917-3917.

Teen Cyclist Dies After Accident With Truck

Another bike accident involving a large truck occurred recently. WCSH News reports that a box truck driver struck two teenage boys who were stopped on the side of the road talking to pedestrians. Both boys were rushed to a hospital; one died the following day. The second teen is recovering from a serious leg injury. The driver told police that he didn’t see the boys until it was too late.

If you are having trouble finding compensation after a bike accident with a negligent driver, let us help. We can negotiate on your behalf and file a lawsuit if it becomes necessary. To speak with a bicycle accident attorney from our firm, call us at 617-917-3917.