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Boston Property Owner Sues Welder, Realty Company For Fatal Fire

Boston Property Owner Sues Welder, Realty Company For Fatal Fire

“Fire.” It is dangerous to scream this word in a crowded movie theater because of the fear and panic it can instill in the public. This fear is part of what drives us to hold firefighters in such high regard. They rush toward the flames; they run into the fire when all others run out. We may feel a little safer knowing such brave men and women are around.

It is, therefore, particularly tragic when the lives of these courageous men and women are lost in the service of their fellow humans. Such a sad event occurred last month when two firefighters lost their lives while combating a 9-alarm blaze at a Boston brownstone.

The building’s owner is now possibly hoping to fend off claims of premises liability by suing the welding company and realty company who he blames for the fire. The welding company had been contracted to assist in part of the installation process of safety railings at the building, but the realty company claims it believed the railings would be assembled off-site, meaning the welding would take place off-site. The realty company does not claim any responsibility.

It is alleged by the building owner that there are a number of issues that point to the realty company and welding company ultimately being liable, including problems with permits and various safety devices that should have been in place at the site. In the meantime, there is still the fact that two firefighters have lost their lives.

While a great deal of finger-pointing is going on in regards to liability issues, loved ones of the fallen firefighters are dealing with grief and financial hardships related to these losses.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, know that investigation can be conducted, and legal counsel in Boston can assist with determining the best options, so families have no additional pain and suffering added to what they are already experiencing.

Source: WCVB, “Building owners sue welders in deadly Beacon Street fire,” April 22, 2014