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Former Nursing Home Employee Convicted of Abusing Patient

Former Nursing Home Employee Convicted of Abusing Patient

Nursing homes provide a vital service for many Americans. In a world where more and more families are surviving on two incomes and healthcare is undergoing serious changes, the care of seniors has become relatively less reliable. Those who are concerned for the well-being of their elderly loved ones often turn to nurse homes to provide the seniors with the round-the-clock care they require. Unfortunately, trusting the care of your loved ones to strangers doesn’t always end well.

Back in 2012, a Massachusetts nursing home employee was allegedly caught assaulting a patient by his supervisor. Now, nearly three full years later, the now-former employee has been convicted of assault and battery as well as caretaker abuse, but he was acquitted of his most serious charge: assault with intent to rape. He will be sentenced for his crimes next week.

Nursing home negligence is a frightening prospect for a number of reasons. Elderly nursing home patients are often powerless to defend themselves, with some not even aware that the abuse is happening depending on their state of health. Additionally, the abuse may go unnoticed if the patient is incapable of reporting the abuse. Individuals who have placed their loved ones in the care of a nursing home are encouraged to regularly check up on the patients and ensure that they are receiving optimal care.

If you suspect that your loved one is not receiving the care they need or the care they were promised, consider meeting with an attorney. The law protects seniors from being mistreated and taken advantage of in situations such as these, and though no money can make right the suffering of your loved one, it can help ensure that your loved one is given the proper care in the future.

Source: Greenfield Daily Reporter, “Ex-nursing home worker convicted of assault on a patient, but acquitted of attempted rape,” March 31, 2015