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Hip Replacements Can Be Product Liability Issues

Hip Replacements Can Be Product Liability Issues

We often talk about how product liability claims can apply to any product with a design or manufacturing flaw that directly causes an injury, but many people still are not sure if they have a valid product liability claim. Defective smoke detectors and appliances are common causes of product liability claims, but did you know that a hip replacement can also be an issue of product liability?

Some people might think that hip replacements are a medical malpractice concern, and while there are certainly instances in which your hip replacement could be a medical malpractice issue, this is not always the case. Sometimes your medical professionals do everything right, and you still suffer injuries following your hip replacement surgery. In these instances, your injuries are likely the result of a defect in the design or manufacturing of the hip replacement product.

The advent of metal hip replacements was supposed to bring with it more reliability and durability, but it also brought unexpected injuries such as metallosis. Some poorly designed hip replacements fail shortly after surgery, requiring patients to undergo additional surgery in order to fix the problems caused by the failed hip replacement. Boston residents may be familiar with Stryker, the company responsible for the ABG II implants, a company that often comes up when discussing faulty hip replacements.

If you or a loved one is suffering from complications following hip replacement surgery, it is in your best interests to investigate the manufacturer of the hip replacement and ensure that the product is not defective. If you believe that your hip replacement is faulty, you should consider meeting with a product liability lawyer to discuss the merits of a product liability claim.