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Lawmakers in Another State Focus on Nursing Home Negligence

Lawmakers in Another State Focus on Nursing Home Negligence

Lawmakers are now beginning to focus on care facilities for the elderly. Throughout the years there have been numerous reports about nursing home abuse and deadly conditions at elderly care facilities.

The current focus is on California, where changes have not been made to statutes regarding residential care since 1985. Lawmakers now want to start providing better protection for elderly citizens within the state. Lawmakers focusing their attention on the abuse occurring in elder care facilities is a good sign and may encourage other states such as Massachusetts to follow suit.

The elderly may not be vocal, and when vocal, are often ignored. Family members have made claims of finding their loved ones suffering from bedsores or other serious injuries like broken bones, bone fractures, or head injuries. Events have been cited of nursing home staff refusing to give their loved one medical attention. Lawmakers’ current efforts are in an attempt to prevent elder abuse from happening again.

It is necessary to trust elder care facilities, but with all of the reports on the amount of elder abuse that occurs, it is difficult to do so. Families should not have to worry about their loved ones suffering from a personal injury while they are not there. Nursing home staff needs to attend to any injured residents immediately, but it seems often that does not happen.

Lawmakers fighting for the protection of elderly citizens is a great step forward, but they cannot entirely prevent abuse from occurring. Nursing home staff may still ignore residents who are injured or physically or emotionally abuse them. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent nursing home is a step toward protecting your elderly loved one. Most often, you are their strongest advocate and voice.

Source: Capitol Weekly, “Lawmakers target care facilities for the elderly,” Samantha Gallegos, Jan. 13, 2014