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Trip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and Fall (Trip and Fall) cases are some of the most misunderstood cases in the world of personal injury law. People often think that if you fall on someone’s property that the property owner is immediately responsible. Such is definitely not the case. For any property owner or property maintenance company to be responsible,…

Many Boston residents often struggle with judging how slippery a floor or surface is. Unfortunately, sometimes such an error can lead to serious injuries. To address this problem, one insurance company recently noted some misconceptions about floor surfaces that may surprise many, especially with the high amount of slip and fall accidents every year. For…

On January 16, 2012, the plaintiff, a sixty-two-year-old woman, went to a Boston restaurant on her lunch break. Upon finishing lunch, she exited the restaurant, briefly walked along the City sidewalk, then suddenly slipped and fell on ice. The plaintiff presented to a nearby emergency room where radiographs confirmed she sustained several fractures to her…