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The Danger in A Defective Tire

The Danger in A Defective Tire

Tires are the sole point of contact between the road and the vessel carrying you and your loved ones at extremely high speeds. With the slight effort of your hands, they turn and maneuver you through traffic and hazards on a daily basis. Most tires are designed and priced to last much longer than other parts of your car that are your responsibility to see changed.

For instance, you know to change your oil every few months. However with tires, you know to replace them when they look old and worn or on new cars, you are usually alerted to tires that are consistently low on air pressure. However, where oil protects your car, changing tires can protect your life. Yet, it is not financially feasible to change tires out with the same regularity.

Therefore tires are made durable and last longer. But that is taking into consideration that the tires are good, reliable, and free of defects. It is not hard to understand how defective tires are potentially life-threatening tires.

Imagine your compact car is traveling upward of 70 miles per hour on the expressway navigating through the early stages of rush hour traffic and you suddenly realize someone has lost a box on the road. You swerve to miss it. Just as you do you hear a loud noise and feel your steering wheel jerk from your grasp and, terrified, you realize you’ve lost control of your car.

New cars are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring sensor that indicates air pressure in tires. It is likely this built-in gauge reduces the human error causing incorrectly inflated tires. Therefore, if you experience a blowout and had no warning your tires were under or over-inflated, there is a reasonable chance that your tire was defective.

If you or someone you know could have been a victim of a car accident by a defective tire, your suspicion alone warrants further investigation. It may prove to be very beneficial to seek legal counsel in the matter as soon as possible.