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Why Do You Accept Substandard Care In A Nursing Home?

Why Do You Accept Substandard Care In A Nursing Home?

Helping The Most Helpless Since 1995As personal injury attorneys, we are aware of the skepticism that many people hold toward injury lawyers. Happily, this skepticism rarely manifests in cases involving handling nursing home negligence and abuse. We believe this is the case because injured nursing home residents and their families clearly need the caring assistance of an experienced lawyer. Elderly people’s injuries are real and apparent, and it is important that those responsible for nursing home residents’ injuries be held accountable for negligence and carelessness. If you need legal help regarding injuries sustained in a nursing home or other care facility, contact Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C..

Attorneys For Nursing Home Abuse

Our experienced Boston nursing home abuse attorneys have handled many dozens of nursing home injury and wrongful death cases. Some of these cases involve situations where a resident has suffered abuse that could be sexual, physical, or emotional in nature. Neglect — whether because of inadequate staffing or another reason — is another form of abuse that could result in a person not receiving proper food and water. Residents can suffer physical harm if they’re not rotated in bed regularly, making them susceptible to bedsores or pressure ulcers. Residents who are not properly supervised sometimes wander off, or fall and break a bone. These types of negligence cases don’t only occur in nursing home settings; they can also happen in an assisted living facility, or in situations where a person needs a home health aide. Sometimes doctors even fail to properly diagnose patients, or fail to treat them once they are diagnosed. Even with a correct diagnosis, errors in prescribing or administering medications can cause serious harm. Our firm understands the betrayal that occurs when your loved one has been harmed by the very people entrusted with his/her care. We hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions and aggressively seek justice for your loved one.

We Value Every Human Life

Often, an adult child of an injured nursing home resident walks through our door following a frustrating meeting with another law firm, where he/she was told his/her case was denied because his/her parent was “too old.”

While it is true that age can lessen the value of a claim, we believe that every life has value and that every family deserves caring and committed legal help.

We have accepted nursing home negligence cases involving injured 90-year-olds after numerous other firms turned down the case. To us, it feels good to fulfill our goal of providing compensation for all injured parties, especially those least able to care for and fight for themselves.

Contact Massachusetts Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

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