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With Cold Weather Comes The Use Of Space Heaters — and Fire Risk

With Cold Weather Comes The Use Of Space Heaters — and Fire Risk

Many people are using space heaters to keep warm during these winter months. If you use a space heater, you must be very cautious. Recently, there were two house fires that investigators are saying may have been caused by space heaters. During the coldest months in Boston, the use of space heaters is quite common. With the recent conclusion of Burn Awareness Week, it is good to discuss and keep in mind how common a burn injury can be, and how it might lead to a product liability case.

These fires are just two examples of how dangerous a product can be. While both events happened in Texas, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that even more houses in the wintry state of Massachusetts make use of these potentially dangerous products. It was reported that a few pets died due to the fire; however, no people were injured. Not everybody is as lucky as the people in these two incidents. These kinds of fires may cause serious burn injuries or death — especially in the overnight hours when people are sleeping.

In both cases, authorities believe the fire was caused by the use of a space heater. This demonstrates that space heaters can be dangerous products and that many things can go wrong with their use. It is possible that the heaters may have been defective or may have had insufficient warning labels. They can easily catch on fire if placed near a flammable object such as furniture or fabric. There also may be something wrong with the wiring if it was not correctly assembled.

If you are burned by the use of a space heater, it is good to know your legal options. If defects are found due to manufacturer negligence or various other flaws in a product such as a space heater, you could receive compensation for your serious injuries. With the continued cold weather, it is advisable to take note of these two accidents and be careful when using space heaters.

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