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Darin Colucci Wins Newsweek’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer Award for Fourth Year in a Row

Darin Colucci Recognized as One of the Best Personal Injury Attorneys for Fourth Consecutive Year

What is a prospective client’s greatest assurance that they’ve made the right choice when selecting a lawyer?  Consistent recognition for being the very best.  Consistent recognition for excellence isn’t something you can fake.  It isn’t something you “luck into.”  It’s something that is earned, day in and day out; year in and year out.  Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C., has consistently been recognized by trustworthy authorities like, Super Lawyers and U.S. News and World Report as a “Best Law Firm” in the area of personal injury law.  Their results speak for themselves.  No bluster.  Just a team of dedicated professionals with one goal in mind: success for you and your family.


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Recent times have seen a tidal wave of brave men and women emerge to tell their sad tales of sexual abuse at the hands of their bosses, coaches, teachers, doctors and others who were in positions of power, influence and professional superiority. Seemingly gone are the days when the rich and powerful can expect to be insulated from the consequences of their bad, (or even criminal), behavior merely because they are rich and powerful.  This is, of course, how it should be.

Thanks to the courageous and newly vocal men and women who no longer feel obligated to lead lives of silent suffering, there is new hope and encouragement for the many more who still feel the misplaced guilt that attends being victimized by someone who occupied a position of trust.  It’s axiomatic that the world can be an unfair place.

We see it as our job to enforce a full measure of accountability on those who violate the trust of others, particularly the most vulnerable among us.

The law firm of Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C. has been recognized by as one of the Top 10 Best Law Firms for Personal Injury in the Country. Attorney Darin Colucci has also been recognized by for 3 consecutive years as one of the Top 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in the Country.


Does Every Case Result in a Lawsuit?

If you watch a movie or television show where someone files a lawsuit, it will almost always end in court. Why is that? It’s because fictional courtroom scenes are dramatic and exciting. That’s what audiences want to see.

But in our own lives, we don’t want drama. If you’ve filed a lawsuit, it’s because you or someone close to you has been seriously hurt and you’re just trying to piece your life back together. That’s not a lighthearted scenario and you don’t want to your future to be determined by the whims of a judge and jury.

That’s why most cases end in a settlement or claim with an insurance company, not a lawsuit. Settling is quicker, it is easier on the client, as opposed to making multiple court appearances, delivering testimony and living with uncertainty if the case drags on. Going to court is stressful for clients, and there are risks, such as losing the case or receiving less than a proposed settlement.

Every time you fill a jury box with 12 different people, you are risking getting a different result. A settlement removes that uncertainty.

There are also additional legal costs to litigation. It’s possible to receive more in a lawsuit than a proposed settlement, but have the client end up with less after paying for the trial. Even when that is over, there’s the potential for the appeal process and you could be looking at several years of total time.

Going to trial is always a last resort after all other options have been exhausted.


When Do You Go to Trial?


As experienced attorneys, once we have all the facts, we know what a given settlement value is for a case. If we can reach a settlement agreement in that ballpark, we will advise the client to take it. If we know we can get $100,000 for a case and we are offered $90,000, we will most likely advise the client to agree to the deal to avoid the litigation costs and risk of uncertainty.

If we can’t receive something in that fair range, then it’s time to consider a lawsuit. Our experience helps us determine when any risk is worth enduring to make sure our client receives fair compensation.


Now, What Can You Do?

If you’ve been injured and you are ready to take the next step, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 or contact us and we can talk to you about your rights and what comes next.

Newsweek Boston's Best Personal Injury Attorney

Darin Colucci is the Only US Attorney to Win Newsweek’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer Award 3 Years in a Row

Have you ever been involved in an accident or injury? Many accidents occur due to poor oversight and negligence, and although you may not be at fault for your injury, you’re often the one who will face difficulty. What’s worse are the multiple damages that occur after the injury – everything from physical injury and pain to lost wages at work and psychological/emotional trauma.

Getting caught up in a spiral of medical bills, debt and stress for injuries that aren’t your fault is certainly traumatic, but you are not alone.

If you believe you are not at fault for your injury, you will need a personal injury lawyer. However, not just any lawyer will do. You need Boston’s best lawyer: Darin Colucci.


Award-Winning Strategy

Darin Colucci has risen to prominence by winning numerous awards, which include three Super Lawyers awards. He has also placed in the top 5 percent of Massachusetts attorneys by Boston Magazine. More recently, he had the honor of winning Newsweek magazine’s award for Best Personal Injury Lawyer for the third consecutive year, setting a record and breaking new ground in the magazine’s history!

As mentioned in Newsweek’s recent article:

“Darin Colucci of Boston, MA, is the only attorney who has made our list for three consecutive years, and it is obviously well deserved.”

This level of success is achieved through years of hard work, strategy, and skill. In a follow-up interview, Mr. Colucci revealed his secret strategy for bringing prestige and excellence. He explained that during many injury cases, the lawyer and firm are expected to be thrown into a dilemma and to solve all of the problems currently plaguing the client. Many firms are hesitant to commit to a client due to the complexity and time involved in certain cases.

This is where Mr. Colucci’s approach is different.

Mr. Colucci believes that every problem has a solution, and he takes cases regardless of the apparent difficulty of the problem. He knows that every case, while unique and challenging in its own right, has an optimal solution. He focuses on solving the issues posed by the client, making it his prime goal to land the highest possible settlement for that individual. By applying this strategy and approach to his practice, he has managed to grow the firm exponentially.


Expertise and Knowledge

Darin Colucci is the managing partner of Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin P.C. He has decades of experience fighting cases. He solves cases both locally and nationally, tackling cases that cover a wide range of issues including dangerous work site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home negligence, pharmacy liability and more.

Mr. Colucci is also the author of Everything I Never Learned In School: A Guide To Success. In this book, he reveals many of his secrets to achieving success and knowledge, which he has learned over the course of a long and successful career.


Get Award-Winning Representation

If you would or someone you know has suffered a personal injury and would like Darin Colucci or one of the firm’s other partners to represent your case, give us a call at (888) 330-6657. If you’d rather reach out online, contact us using our request page. We would love to talk to you about your options.

Colucci Law

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

A few years ago my car started to have problems and the mechanic told me he needed to replace my crankshaft sensor. Up to that point, I didn’t even know what that was, and I’d never considered myself in the market for a new one. Hiring an attorney is often the same way: You’ve spent most of your life without thinking about one, but now all of a sudden you need to find the best lawyer around as soon as possible.

When you go to the produce department to purchase an exotic fruit you’ve never had before, you need to learn what to look for and how to tell a good one from a mediocre one. The same is true for hiring a lawyer, and here are three easy steps to help you find the best lawyer in your area.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Lawyer



Great lawyers are not secret agents who hide behind the scenes. The best ones make names for themselves, so find out who has a strong reputation. Go to to see who has a strong rating in your practice area.

Alternatively, you can look up attorneys you are considering to represent you and see how their reputations hold up online. Avvo incorporates reviews, both in numerical scores and in written comments. Read what the reviewers had to say and consider if that is someone you would want to represent you.



The best lawyer will always have a track record of success. Attorneys are eager to publicize their successful cases because they want those results to help attract future clients.

Look up an attorney you are considering in a search engine. Check Lawyers Weekly for their name, and make sure you include any middle initials so you don’t get John K. Smith confused with John H. Smith.

Skilled attorneys are not one-hit wonders. Superb personal injury lawyers will have more than a dozen high settlement cases under their names.



Nothing is as reliable as asking a friend or family member about the attorneys that they hired. Ask around. If your cousin had a good experience with attorney Jillian T. Rainmaker, do some research on her and consider contacting her office.

It’s also not a bad idea to hire a friend who is also an attorney, just as long as you’re comfortable having frank conversations with someone you know about your own medical, financial and personal matters.

It doesn’t matter what order you take these steps in, just as long as you are methodic about it. Picking a lawyer is not like ordering a pizza, so don’t just go to the nearest location from your home.


Ready for the Next Step?

If you’ve check out our ratings and case histories and are considering moving forward, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 or contact us.

Darin Colucci Everything I never Learned in School

Darin Colucci Launches Motivational Book to Inspire Youth

High school is supposed to instill you with the knowledge needed to go out into the world and succeed. But quite often, high school graduates are left unable to perform simple tasks that are essential for everyday life as an adult in the real world.

You learn mathematical concepts — but may be unable to balance a checkbook. You learn biology — but not how to boil water to make spaghetti. You learn proper grammar and punctuation — but cursive is rarely taught anymore, and text message slang and abbreviations often supersede proper spelling.

So while you may, in fact, receive a well-rounded education, you enter the world with very little of the knowledge you need to actually live in it, much less achieve success and happiness. It’s no wonder many believe that the youth of today need help and inspiration.

Darin Colucci, one of America’s top personal injury attorneys and a founding partner of Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, knows all too well the plight high school students and graduates face in today’s trying times and a troubled economy.

But he also knows that realizing one’s dreams and achieving success is entirely possible and has launched an important and motivational book to inspire not just today’s youth, but future generations as well.


About the Book

Entitled “Everything I Never Learned in School: A Guide to Success,” the book might be the single most important book a high school student, or anyone who has already graduated, ever reads. It provides great insight into what an individual truly needs in order to achieve success and happiness.

Information is presented in a straightforward, practical manner, and the book includes sage advice from famous people as well as important life lessons learned throughout Colucci’s experience. Through easy-to-understand life rules, humorous but poignant stories, and an important life guide on how to achieve wealth, career success and true happiness, you’ll be empowered to make all your dreams come true.

Daymond John, the well-known celebrity investor appearing regularly on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and founder/CEO of FUBU praises Colucci’s book:

“Success on all levels requires believing in yourself, perseverance, and the information Darin provides in this book. This is how you Move Ever Forward.”
Darin Coluccci Book


Additionally, Fortune 500 businessman Ken Gaudreau exclaims:

“You need to buy this book for anyone for whom you wish success. … This is nothing short of a blueprint on how to succeed and live a life filled with passion, excitement, and fulfillment.”

About the Darin Colucci

Having enjoyed a successful career as a trial attorney for over two decades, Darin Colucci was named by Newsweek as one of the 10 best personal injury attorneys in America. Darin has also written several works of fiction, has developed and invented important life-saving safety mechanisms, and has often given motivational speeches to young adults.

It was his experience as a motivational speaker, and the stories of disenchantment he heard from several of those he spoke with, that motivated him to write this book and present everything he had learned about being successful and happy.

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Dino M. Colucci Recognized As Top Personal Injury Attorney

Best Lawyers magazine has recognized Dino M. Colucci as both an industry leader and top-performing legal advocate in the latest edition of its annual publication, which will hit the stands later this month.

Dino M. Colucci is a founding partner and the lead trial counsel of Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C. and he has been included in The Best Lawyers in New England publication for personal injury litigation.

Best Lawyers is a peer-reviewed publication, where lawyers vote to recognize other members of the profession who have distinguished themselves as prominent, knowledgeable, and successful at taking care of their clients.

This most recent accolade concentrates on Dino M. Colucci’s performance in personal injury and only includes attorneys who practice in the New England area. The announcement for his recognition in this regional edition of the “The Best Lawyers in America” legal referral guide was first made in August. The print edition will be released on April 28.


Three Decades of Experience

A 1988 graduate of Suffolk University Law School, Dino M. Colucci has become an industry leader in personal injury cases that involve harm caused by people entrusted to look after others, including both nursing home negligence and daycare negligence cases.

This year’s print edition of The Best Lawyers in America will reach more than half a million print readers through its own publication, The Boston Globe, and The Wall Street Journal. The digital edition is projected to reach more than 1.3 million readers online.
“I’m grateful to receive this award and accept it on behalf of everyone at our firm who works tirelessly to help the clients we’re honored to represent,” said Dino M. Colucci.

This will be the 23rd edition of the publication and Dino M. Colucci is listed in the section for personal injury litigation. The first edition of “The Best Lawyers in America®” was published in 1983.

Other awards Dino Colucci has received include the Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Preeminent rating, which signifies that his peers rank him at the very highest level of professional excellence, skill, and integrity; multiple years of being included in Boston Magazine’s annual “Massachusetts Super Lawyer” list for top attorneys; and’s top rating of a perfect 10 out of 10, based on client satisfaction reviews, experience, and results.


Get Him In Your Corner

To see about having Dino M. Colucci or one of the firm’s other partners represent you in a case, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 or contact us and we can talk to you about your rights and possible next steps.

Newsweek Premier Larm Firms 2016

One of Newsweek’s Top Law Firms in the Country

What does it mean to be a top law firm?

This year Newsweek once again recognized our firm as one of a handful of top personal injury law firms in the country. It’s energizing to have a respected institution like Newsweek vouch for us and use their credibility to spread our name.

Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin has been a contender in Boston’s crowded legal market since the firm was founded in 1995. A few large firms have dominated Beantown for decades and we’ve had to squeeze in to make a name for ourselves. Our reputation has been earned one client at a time, through grit, wits, and dedication to our craft.

In a way, this recognition feels like we’ve been given the key to the city in reward for everything we do for our clients. Managing Partner Darin Colucci is the go-to guy for personal injury cases, no matter how complex or unusual the case. His brother Dino Colucci fights hard for victims of neglect, specializing in day care center and nursing home cases. Paul Flavin has carved out a niche for the failures of ionization smoke detectors.

In a different realm, our elder law experts Matt Marcus and Alex Moschella have helped a lot of families prepare their estates and ensure their loved ones will be left what they promised them.

Clients come before awards

As great as it feels to have our firm’s success and effectiveness presented by Newsweek for the whole country to see, it’s a runner-up to the best compliment we’ve received.

What really matters to us is how are clients feel at the end of the day. We encounter people in a variety of difficult situations, and many of them are experiencing a personal tragedy. Everyone in our firm works to bring comfort to our clients and meet their needs.

That’s what matters to us, that’s what matters to our clients. The award isn’t the goal; the goal is helping the people we represent. People don’t want to bask in the glory of our award; they want us to help them and that will remain our focus. We hope Newsweek’s recognition will let more people know that we are the firm to turn to when life gives them a difficult problem.

If you’re in a jam, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll fight for you.

Dino M. Colucci named one of The Best Lawyers in America

We’re proud to announce that our own Dino M. Colucci has been selected to appear in the 2017 edition of “The Best Lawyers in America®” legal referral guide.

The Best Lawyers in America®” exists to help members of the public find the top lawyers in their area. Established attorneys are asked if they had to choose an attorney to represent themselves, their colleagues or their loved ones, who would they want in their corner.

“I’m grateful to receive this award and accept it on behalf of everyone at our firm who works tirelessly to help the clients we’re honored to represent,” said Dino M. Colucci.

Lawyers can not vote for themselves, partners or family members. The honor is based on merit and attorneys do not pay any sort of fee to appear in the listing.

This will be the 23rd edition of the publication and Dino M. Colucci is listed in the section for personal injury litigation. The first edition of “The Best Lawyers in America®” was published in 1983.

Good work Dino, we’re glad to have your name out in front on our shingle.


‘Reckless’ chase by local police at core of $2.5M case

The following was originally published in the Dec. 2, 2007 issue of Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly. It has been reprinted with permission.

On the night of Feb. 19, 2004, the driver of a gold Ford Taurus was identied by a Providence police officer as a member of a local gang. A chase ensued but was quickly terminated by the police when it became apparent that the driver was determined not to stop.

The motorist crossed into Cranston where a police officer in that community began pursuing the Taurus. The chase escalated to the point that four police cruisers were traveling behind the suspect, who was observed driving south on Route 9S at a high rate of speed and with his headlights off. At one point, he was seen making a quick U-turn and then driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic; three of the pursuing police officers reportedly did likewise.

The suspect proceeded onto Route 10, again traveling the wrong way and still trailed by several police cruisers, and drove his car headlong into a vehicle being driven by Natasha Valley, a Cranston resident and mother of three who was returning home from training to become an emergency medical technician. Last month, a settlement was reached in which Valley, 29, now a paraplegic, is to receive $2.5 million. Lawyers Weekly reporter Barbara Rabinovitz spoke last week with Milton, Mass., attorney Dino M. Colucci about how he achieved that result for his client.

Q.You say that the central question in the case was whether your client could prove that the defendants – the city of Cranston and the individual police officers involved – were reckless, not merely negligent. Given the dramatic testimony that was taken in deposition, was this a challenge for you or a slam dunk?

A. It wasn’t by any stretch a slam dunk. In fact, before we took the case, several law rms had turned her away because they didn’t believe such a suit could be successfully maintained. In honesty, we took the case on faith in the hope that we could make something good come out of such a tragic set of circumstances …. Fourteen depositions were taken; we obtained broadcasts of the police communications that night as well as their [police-chase l training policy. e suspect that they were chasing was eventually apprehended, and we went to jail to try to interview him. We were actually able to meet with him for 15 minutes in a holding cell to get whatever information he was willing to impart to us.

Q. Rhode Island has a $100,000 cap on recoveries for police negligence. Would that have applied in this case? What would have been your strategy for getting around it?

A. It was an open question as to whether or not the cap would apply once all the evidence was presented at trial. The burden would have been entirely ours to prove – that the conduct of the Cranston Police Department rose to a sufficient level of recklessness – in order to avoid the cap …. The city [of Cranston] continues to maintain that they did nothing wrong; they’re not accepting liability in any sense.

Q. You say that this may be the first case to apply the law established in the May 2005 case of Seide v. The State of Rhode Island, which permits citizens to bring actions against a police department for violations of a police-chase policy. Could you have achieved the same result without the Seide decision?

A. It was fortuitous for us that that case was decided by the Supreme Court of Rhode Island about six months after we took Natasha Valley’s case [in December 2004]. We took it in hopes that we could set a precedent given the facts in our case. is may be the first application of that decision … that the lower court’s decision to dismiss the case was incorrect.

Q. You’ve said that several law rms had declined to represent your client, in the belief that such a claim could not be successfully maintained. Why did you take the case in the end?

A. First and foremost, we felt great empathy for this woman. She was a young woman with three kids and, through no fault of her own, she found herself a paraplegic. Secondly, she’s a very inspiring woman. While most people would sit around and feel self-pity about their situation, she was so optimistic about her future and the life that she wanted for her kids that it was inspiring for us. So, we couldn’t walk away.

Q. What has this case accomplished with regard to police chases?

A. It won’t set a precedent because we mediated the case and reached a settlement, so nothing’s been adjudicated …. In my experience, every case really needs to be examined on its own merits. The police have a very difficult job, and we’re sensitive to that. Very often they find themselves in the midst of chaos, and they have to make immediate judgments on what to do. But Cranston had a [vehicle-chase] policy that was formulated years before this accident, and it was our position that this policy served as a foundation, or a guideline, so that officers can apply the logic contained in the policy when they’re out amidst the chaos. And we don’t believe that was done here.

Q. You gathered quite a bit of evidence for the mediation – an interactive audio- visual program, which synthesized an animated map of the chase route, broadcasts from the police, photos of the collision and so forth. Do you think that was instrumental in getting the defendants to settle?

A. I do. In my opinion, it synthesized many of the critical points that served as the foundation of our case. It brought together, in dramatic fashion, the conduct of the police, the route that they took in pursuing the suspect.

We were able to hear their actual broadcasts, and we were able to see the relevant portions of the Cranston chase policy. And in my opinion, the juxtaposition of these various elements really bolstered our case …. These were experienced [defense] lawyers we were dealing with; they did a good job for their clients. But I thought that the audio-visual portion of the case had very real impact.

Q. Where is your client now, and what is her condition?

A. She’s still in Cranston. She’s confined to a wheelchair. She’s the mother of three and a very nice woman, and I’m just very pleased that her future will be at least a little less uncertain.