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No event is as painful and life altering for surviving family members as the sudden loss of a loved one. The wrongful death of a family member is as emotionally scarring as it can be financially devastating. There are frequently many unanswered questions which tend to anger and frustrate surviving family members and which cause a delay in the grieving process.

Additionally, vulnerable family members are forced to abruptly confront anxiety provoking issues like unpaid medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of income and other unexpected and substantial financial consequences. The stark financial realities that a family must face can truly be overwhelming – particularly at a time when they are struggling to cope with such devastating news.

Colucci, Colucci, Marcus & Flavin, P.C., can help.

The sudden loss of a loved one always causes more questions than answers. We can make your life a little less uncertain.

Over the years, many hundreds of vulnerable clients have honored us with their trust to guide them during some of their most difficult days. During all of that time, our philosophy has remained unchanged: “Do today what others won’t do so that tomorrow you can do what others cannot.”

What Makes Us Different?

Our long track record of holding accountable those responsible and obtaining maximum recoveries for our clients speaks for itself. What sets our firm apart from others is our results. We aggressively pursue maximum compensation for our clients. Since 1995, we have recovered more than $75 million on behalf of accident victims, including several hundred high-value claims.

Our ability and commitment to obtaining high-value awards for our clients is reflected in numerous awards that exceed $1 million, as well as the respect we have earned in the legal community:

  • Numerous publications have reported on our record of obtaining high-value compensation for our clients, including Boston Magazine and Lawyers Weekly.
  • Our attorney team includes lawyers selected numerous times as a “Super Lawyer” and lawyers featured as “Rising Stars” of the legal profession.

Using Our Connections

“Time is of the essence” is our motto. From the first moment we are consulted, our team employs an urgency that is truly unique in the legal profession. Our aggressive investigative efforts find critical witnesses before they disappear, secures evidence that would otherwise have been lost or gone unnoticed and ultimately uncovers the truth so that our clients can eventually begin to achieve some measure of acceptance and peace of mind.

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We work on a contingency fee basis in all areas related to personal injury law. You pay nothing to us unless we obtain compensation for you.

We are available for day, evening and weekend appointments. Home and hospital consultations are available. To contact our Boston serious injury lawyers, call (617) 698-6000. You may also contact us by e-mail.

Wrongful Death

Cherry picker crash video

Cherry picker crash video

We collect no payment until we secure compensation for you.

At Colucci Colucci Marcus & Flavin, PC, our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Tell us what happened by calling us at (617) 698-6000. Or contact us online to set up your free initial consultation.