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Representation for Pedestrian, Bike, and Motorcycle Accidents in Boston, MA

The skid marks end where you were standing. That’s never a good thing. You deserve proper compensation if you’ve been in an accident. As an experienced pedestrian, bike, and motorcycle accident attorney, we help you receive the funds you need to pay for medical care and lost income.

When a car or motorcycle hits you when you’re on foot, who can help you sort out the confusing insurance details and vigorously pursue a fair result? The attorneys at Colucci Colucci Marcus Flavin, P.C. are dedicated to building strong client relationships based on:

  • Responsive and Caring Service
  • Relevant Legal Knowledge
  • Outstanding Results

What We Do For You

We aggressively pursue compensation for those injured in pedestrian, bike, and motorcycle accidents in Boston, MA. For instance, in pedestrian accidents, there is usually little question of who hit whom and who is at fault. We can address important remaining questions like:

  • Does your insurance coverage, the driver’s coverage, or both apply?
  • How extensive are your injuries?
  • What is your total past, present, and future medical expense relating to the accident?
  • What is the full and fair value of your claim?

At our law firm, we work with medical experts to fully document your injuries as well as interview witnesses and law enforcement officials to obtain key evidence regarding your accident. When key questions remain unanswered, we even use cutting-edge technology and actors to recreate or reenact your accident. Lastly, we draw on decades of negotiating and litigating experience to fight for the highest-possible compensation.

Protecting Vulnerable Bikers from Additional Harm

When a car strikes a bike, the biker almost always sustains injuries that exceed the injuries of the car’s driver. Yet, bikers often face confusing legal questions. Whose insurance coverage applies to the accident? Whose negligence caused the collision? Who can provide immediate and effective legal assistance?

The Boston bicycle accident lawyers of Colucci Colucci Marcus Flavin, P.C. have handled dozens of bike accident cases across Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including many bike accidents with cars. Contact us if you were injured in a bike accident involving:

  • An Aggressive or Distracted Car Driver
  • A Hazardous Road or Street Defect
  • Mechanical Bike Failure
  • A Drunk Driver

We Don’t Back Down from a Challenge

Has your case already been rejected by another firm? Our approach includes a thorough investigation of your claim. We see each potential case as an opportunity to help the victims of negligence. To this end, while other firms may begin by identifying challenges, we begin by identifying opportunities:

  • We use technology to recreate accidents and to obtain conclusive evidence.
  • We interview witnesses to uncover additional information, which often contradicts troubling statements on police records.
  • We sometimes use actors to reenact accidents when key information is not otherwise obtainable.

If a bike accident case is cut and dried and “easy,” great. If not, we won’t turn you away and hope for “something better.” You deserve compensation, and you deserve a lawyer who will work hard to protect your rights. For more information, please contact our office.

When “I Didn’t See You” Doesn’t Cut It

Most bikers exercise a high level of caution when taking a bike out on the road. However, no level of safety precaution can ensure a safe ride when a car or truck driver’s negligence causes serious injuries or death. When other people’s carelessness leads to a motorcycle accident, bikers need legal help from a lawyer who is fully committed to pursuing their highest level of financial compensation.

As a knowledgeable and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, we know that motorcycle crashes can lead to astronomical health care expenses, lost wages, a diminished quality of life, and other losses. Dozens of motorcycle accident victims and their families have trusted us to pursue the compensation they need and deserve. We pursue maximum compensation for every case.

No Fee if We Don’t Win

Winning is our goal. In fact, if we don’t win the case, you pay nothing, and all lawyer time is at no charge to you. Schedule a consultation today. We are available for day, evening, and weekend appointments.

Contact us for more information regarding our firm and to learn more about your rights following a pedestrian accident. We proudly serve clients throughout Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.