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Merrimack Explosion

Merrimack Explosion


Our hearts go out to the thousands who have been adversely affected by the recent gas explosions on the North Shore, especially to the families that lost their homes or, more tragically, loved ones.  Our firm has handled numerous gas explosion cases.  They may seem easy but they aren’t.  Columbia  Gas fights hard and tries to hide behind the danger of the gas delivery business as an over-arching defense.  This is a specious argument because we all pay for this service and they have an absolute obligation to delivery their product in  a safe manner.  Further, they have an absolute obligation to update their systems and infrastructure precisely because they are engaged in a business that poses incredible risks to the public at large.  Columbia Gas apparently had plans to majorly overhaul their pipework and systems in 2019.  It certainly would appear that their upgrades were a year too late.  #Merrimackexplosion

Can you win with a bad lawyer?

We’ve been in existence as a firm for over 20 years, and during that time we have handled every foreseeable type of personal injury case. From regular motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and nursing home negligence, to quirky cases where a plane struck a house and injured people while they slept. We represented a poor woman who took medication that was mislabeled for over a month.

One of our attorneys had three tree cases, where someone was cutting down a tree and didn’t know what they were doing and the tree fell and injured someone. In one case, the tree fell and killed a gentleman.

With all of this experience I can tell you this unequivocally, it all comes down to your lawyer. Whether or not you’re going to get compensated, and more importantly, the amount of that compensation, comes down to the skill of the attorney you choose.

For the plaintiffs, it really is simple. They care about only one case: Theirs.

If it’s important to your family and your family’s future, then why take a chance? You want to go with someone who has experience and who has been there before.

With all the experience we have in the building, and having seen all these cases in every format, we feel comfortable with anything that comes in the door. We’re not the only one who say that, find out why Newsweek listed us as one of the top personal injury law firms in the country. Come give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll be happy to let you know what your options are.

Helpful tips when choosing a safe daycare center for your child

How to find a safe daycare for your kids

Finding a reliable daycare for your children is an anxiety-provoking event. You are turning your child over to others to take care of during the day, completely out of your sight. Very often people ask attorneys at our firm what they can do to ensure that their child is going to be looked after appropriately.

We always give them the same advice and tell them to go to the daycare center, make sure that it’s clean, talk to the people that run the daycare center and really try to feel them out and get to know them. Find out if they’ve taken a CPR course. See if they’ve taken a first aid course.

Find out if they’re insured.

Many people are shocked to learn that daycare centers in Massachusetts don’t need to be insured. There’s currently no law here requiring that they have insurance.

You want to ask those questions and determine whether or not if this is a place that you would want to leave your child. If you do, make sure you return a day or two later unannounced just to see how they’re taking care of the other children. That will give you some level of comfort in knowing that you’ve picked the right place.

Like anything, the more avid the parent is in making sure that their child is going to be safe, the greater the likelihood that the child will be safe in daycare.

If it’s too late for your family to avoid a daycare accident, or you want to hear what your legal rights are, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

This is why we focus on nursing home negligence cases

The common theme that my law firm sees when we handle nursing home cases is a lack of staff. That is to say, too many people in the nursing home and insufficient staff to care for those people.

There are telltale signs, so like anything else, your loved one is better taken care of if you are proactive in trying to determine whether if the nursing home is equipped to meet their needs.

Stop in and observe. How many people are actually on the floor? How many people are tending to nursing home patients? How many people may be wheeled in a wheelchair and left in the hallway unattended? Sometimes you hear alarms go off, but the staff doesn’t respond to it.

We project that this problem is going to get worse in the near future as the Baby Boomer generation comes to that age where they need nursing home care or assisted living care. The nursing homes just aren’t equipped to handle that influx of people.

That is unless they decide at some future time to add much more staff, which they are usually resistant to do. That’s because that would increase their costs and after all, this is a business to them and they’re trying to make a profit.

If someone you end up in this unfortunate situation, please give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll be happy to let you know what your options are.

We are not scared to take on difficult premises liability cases

Many people do not fully grasp the reach and scope of premises liability lawsuits. We all understand that if you are injured at another person’s house, they can be held liable for your injuries, but did you know that the same can be said for almost any property? Anything from amusement parks to public pools to retail stores can be liable for injuries that you sustain on the property as long as negligence on the part of the property owner contributed to the injury.

Of course this leaves the significant problem of proving the owner’s role in the circumstances of your injury. You cannot simply suffer an injury on someone else’s property and make them pay for it. It is your responsibility as the victim to prove that there was a clear and present danger on the property that the owner could reasonably have been expected to know about. You must also prove that the owner did not make an effort to fix the problem or warn others about the danger.

For many accidents, providing this proof can be difficult. Accidents happen very quickly, and most victims are understandably concerned about their well-being, which hampers their ability to focus on environmental factors that could have contributed to the accident. But we have experience handling premises liability cases in Massachusetts.

We understand how difficult it can be to recall all the factors of an accident, and how hard it can be to prove that the negligence of the owner contributed to your injury. Our premises liability webpage will give you more information about our history, including how we can take on your case even if you were denied by other firms. We pride ourselves on tackling difficult cases and using creative methods to prove the circumstances of an accident well after the accident occurred.

Lawsuit filed over teen’s brain injury at school

As we go out into the world every day, there are dangers lurking around every corner. Modern society has done much to mitigate these dangers, but it has also created a host of potential problems. For instance, we go into stores almost every day and trust that the store’s owner is taking care of hazardous conditions by cleaning up spills, providing proper lighting, hiring security guards if necessary and posting signs that warn potential victims of any dangers that might be present.

When they fail to do so, people can get injured and may find themselves in an instance ofpremises liability. So, in the same way we trust store owners and city administrators to keep us safe, we send our children off to school every day trusting that the administrators and keepers of the facilities are creating a safe environment for our loved ones.

The family of a girl who suffered a brain injury at school have filed a lawsuit. She was participating in a sumo wrestling event as a part of her school’s spirit day. During the event, the girl’s head was hit and she asked the event workers to let her stop because of the negative side effects she was experiencing, but they refused. She now suffers from communication issues and her mother says she now behaves like she’s 7 years old and seems like a completely different person.

Tragic accidents like these underline the inherent issues involved with insufficient or negligent supervision. If you feel you’ve been victimized by this in Massachusetts, you may want to sit down with an attorney, who might be able to help you get compensation.

Source: CBS Miami, “Family Of Teen Injured At School Event Announces Lawsuit,” Carey Codd, July 22, 2014

Store’s dangerous property conditions injure 10-year-old boy

Anyone with children will tell you that watching a son or daughter suffer is one of the most gut-wrenching traumas a parent can go through. Not only is the sight of your injured child horrifying, you feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness. You’d do anything to make it better, but sometimes you can’t. These tragedies are even more heartbreaking when they’re preventable.

We expect a reasonable amount of safety provided by property owners, but what happens when that responsibility is neglected? When safety precautions are ignored and people are hurt because of it, we have premises liability lawsuits. These allow anyone injured on someone else’s property to seek compensation for injuries incurred there.

One Illinois boy had to have 18 stitches after an awning at a hobby store broke and fell on him. His father was sitting in a car in the parking lot when he saw the awning fall. He rushed to his little boy and, flinging the awning to the side, saw that his son had a 3-1/2-inch cut on his head.

After the fact, the store owner admitted that the awning was old and said mall employees were making sure they were secure. This may prevent future accidents, but it should have been done before someone got hurt.

If the family decides to sue, many might say it’s frivolous. But do you have an expectation of safety when you visit a store? Should you pay medical bills for damage inflicted by someone else’s negligence?

A Massachusetts attorney could look at several factors to determine liability. Was the awning the property of the store owner or the mall? Did anyone know that the awnings were dilapidated and posed a risk? If so, who failed to do anything about it?

If you’ve been injured thanks to the negligence of a store or mall, you do have rights. An attorney in Massachusetts can explain them to you and help you decide the best course of action.

Source:, “SEE IT: Awning falls on boy outside hobby store in suburban Chicago,” Joel Landau, May 26, 2014

Woman sues fast-food chain after slip-and-fall accident

People want to have a good time when they go out to eat. Sometimes they do have a good time and enjoy a meal they didn’t have to prepare, but on rare occasions, their enjoyment is ruined when they slip and fall on a wet floor and become injured. This recently happened to a woman now suing Chick-Fil-A. Her lawsuit came after she slipped in a puddle and fell on one of their restroom floors and became injured.

The woman is accusing the fast-food chain of negligence by failing to clean its floors and warn customers of the hazard. In her lawsuit, she is also citing premises liability. She is alleging the slip-and-fall accident happened due to incompetent employees who the fast food chain failed to train and supervise. This incident is a good example of how negligent property owners may endanger their customers if they fail to maintain their premises.

Although this accident occurred in Texas, it can easily occur in Boston or other areas of Massachusetts, as well. These slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injuries that may result in expensive medical bills that you cannot afford to pay. Even if the injuries do not appear severe at the time of the accident, you should still seek medical attention, as those injuries may become more severe with time. You may be forced to cope with unwanted pain and suffering long after the initial accident.

The woman’s lawsuit against the fast-food chain is a good example of what you should do in the event that you become injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Seeking compensation for damages is an important step to take if you are the victim of an accident that happened on the premises of a business. Filing a lawsuit may also help the company become more aware of how to prevent another accident from occurring and potentially injuring another customer.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Chick-Fil-A sued after woman falls,” Whitney Brakken, Jan. 22, 2014

Slip and fall accidents continue to be a problem in Massachusetts

Many Boston residents often struggle with judging how slippery a floor or surface is. Unfortunately, sometimes such an error can lead to serious injuries. To address this problem, one insurance company recently noted some misconceptions about floor surfaces that may surprise many, especially with the high amount of slip and fall accidents every year.

For example, According to the insurance company, while some people may think a shiny floor is more slippery, a floor’s shine usually is not tied to its slip resistance. In addition, others may believe that buffing a floor can also cause a surface to be more slippery; it is, in fact, the opposite. However, just because a floor is slip resistant does not mean it’s more safe – another common misconception. Floors that feel “tacky” can also lead to slip and fall accidents.

As one may guess, the key to ensuring a safe floor appears to be proper maintenance. For its part, the insurance company recommends that property owners ensure that floors are frequently cleaned to avoid residue buildup by mopping. On the other hand, a cleaning systems company representative suggests using a contraption that not only lays down cleaner, but also picks up all liquids – and with those, any dirt or other residue that can make floors unsafe.

Whether it happens at work or at home, slip and fall accidents continue to be a problem in America. In fact, 8.9 million visits are made to the emergency room each year across the nation from slip and fall accidents. When dangerous conditions are present, such as inadequate lighting, narrow stairs, wet floor or torn carpet, one can easily find themselves in the hospital with a serious injury.

Many slip and fall accidents could be prevented with the appropriate level of maintenance and care. For that reason, any Boston resident that has suffered an injury from a slip or fall on another’s property could be entitled to compensation. An attorney may be able to help most victims seek damages to help deal with the effects of an unfortunate accident.

Source: EHS Today, “Five Common Slip and Fall Myths,” Sandy Smith, April 25, 2013