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Can I Sue for my Child’s Brain Injury During Sports?

Organized sports can be an extremely positive experience for adolescents and teens, where they practice setting personal goals, cooperating with a team, and competing with rivals. Unfortunately, youth sports can also lead to serious injuries and even death. What happens if your child is injured while playing a game in an organized school sport? Can you sue your public school?

In a word, no.

High school sports like football are known to be dangerous, and injuries including concussions are a foreseeable risk that players and their parents are aware of when they choose to participate. It’s expected that cheerleaders may take an unexpected tumble now and then. Both minor and serious injuries are risks people accept when they play.

What’s more, Massachusetts protects its public institutions, including schools, from lawsuits. This is because municipalities could go bankrupt if enough lawsuits were resolved, and the state legislature wanted to prevent that from happening.


Serious Injuries From Other Causes


What happens if the injury was caused by a faulty piece of equipment, such as a helmet that failed to protect a player’s head? That is a potential product liability case, but from our experience, those cases are difficult to win.

Here’s another scenario: A high school pitcher gets mad and throws a baseball at his own dugout, walloping a teammate in the head. The victim gets a serious injury. Can his family sue the pitcher’s family?

This is a little tricky. As we’ve written before, civil suits are not for harm caused intentionally such as an assault. Those are criminal matters, and theoretically, this would be a criminal matter and not grounds for a lawsuit.

It’s rare that someone would admit he threw the ball and tried to injury another player. Most likely, he would say he never meant to hit anyone, or he lost control and didn’t realize what he was doing. Still, it’s difficult to find a firm that would take that case.

Here’s another scenario: The coach is driving a student home from practice and gets in a car accident. The player is injured. This could be grounds for a lawsuit, against the driver or of another person who causes the accident, but this isn’t really a school sports scenario anymore. There’s nothing inside the game you can sue for, but we’re not outside the game and into the world at large.


What can you do?

Every case is unique. If someone in your family has been hurt in any scenario, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 or contact us and we can talk to you about your options.

Dino M. Colucci named one of The Best Lawyers in America

We’re proud to announce that our own Dino M. Colucci has been selected to appear in the 2017 edition of “The Best Lawyers in America®” legal referral guide.

The Best Lawyers in America®” exists to help members of the public find the top lawyers in their area. Established attorneys are asked if they had to choose an attorney to represent themselves, their colleagues or their loved ones, who would they want in their corner.

“I’m grateful to receive this award and accept it on behalf of everyone at our firm who works tirelessly to help the clients we’re honored to represent,” said Dino M. Colucci.

Lawyers can not vote for themselves, partners or family members. The honor is based on merit and attorneys do not pay any sort of fee to appear in the listing.

This will be the 23rd edition of the publication and Dino M. Colucci is listed in the section for personal injury litigation. The first edition of “The Best Lawyers in America®” was published in 1983.

Good work Dino, we’re glad to have your name out in front on our shingle.


Bicycle safety is much easier when you pay attention to your surroundings

Bicycle safety is everyone’s responsibility

Now that the nice weather is returning, the streets will again soon be filled with bicyclists who are out to get fresh air and/or get back in shape.  Biking is more popular than ever.  One study reveals that between 2000 and 2009, the number of bike commuters grew 70% across the entire United States.

Returning to an outdoor lifestyle after enduring a typically frigid New England winter is a special if fleeting experience.  As any New Englander knows, a return to the outdoors is something that is treasured and earned with patience and endurance during the many cold, dark days that preceded.  You’ll want to ensure that you are safe as you enjoy the return of summer and by observing a few simple tips, you can increase your odds

  1. Most experts agree that bicyclists should alwayswear a helmet.  Your chances of surviving an accident are exponentially increased if you take care to wear a safety helmet.  Today, there are many to choose from .  You should do some preliminary research before you buy.  You should hold your vanity in check.  Remember that the helmet that looks best on you may not necessarily be the safest.
  1. Bike on the road in the same direction as traffic.  Bicycles are considered “vehicles” and are usually expected to observe the same traffic controls as cars.  This means you need to “stop” at a stop sign, etc.
  1. Whenever possible, get off the beaten path.  You’ll find that the beauty of your surroundings increases proportionally to the decrease in traffic.
  1. Make sure your bicycle is equippedwith a light, a mirror, a bell and a water bottle.  The light will increase your visibility; the mirror will allow you to see vehicles that are approaching your position; the bell will remind those traveling in proximity that you are nearby; and the water will keep you hydrated on those humid New England days.
  1. Refrain from wearing headphones.  You should use all of  your senses while biking.
  1. Be aware that even motorists who make active use of their mirrors still have to contend with blind spots. Avoid finding yourself in an area where a motorist can’t see you.
  1. Wear bright, reflective clothing and bike in a straight, predictable path.  The more steady and visible you are, the less likely you are to be in a collision.
  1. Don’t become distracted by your phone.  Texting or prolonged talking while biking is a recipe for disaster.
  1. Learn and use hand signals.  Like driving a car, you want to “telegraph” what your intentions are before you actually turn.
  1. Make sure your bicycle is in good repair. It is wise to have your bike “tuned up” at the end of the biking season to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Observing these simple tips will keep you safe, enhance your biking experience and give you piece of mind.

How polite drivers kill motorcyclists – disobeying traffic laws can cause injury & motorcycle deaths

A lot of people mean well when they’re behind behind the wheel. Some drivers will give up the right of way to another driver in a tough spot and usually everything turns out OK.

But not always, because sadly, sometimes this approach ends up hurting other people.

Being polite can cause motorcycle deaths & Injuries

Motorcycle deaths, massachusetts, motorcycle injuries MA

Motorcycles can be hard to see and offer no protection to their riders in an accident. Because of this, riders should avoid passing people on the right, especially trucks and other large vehicles that conceal them from other drivers.

However, even traveling in an otherwise empty traffic lane can be dangerous for a motorcyclist. Here’s a common scenario called a “wave on” that poses a large risk to motorcyclists.

Picture a two-lane road that comes to an intersection. A car is in the left lane and a truck is approaching them from the other way with a turn signal on. The car driver, being a polite person, stops and motions to the truck driver that they can make a left turn in front of them. They’ll wait. The truck drivers waves back and starts to make the turn…

And that’s when the crash happens.

The car driver never saw the motorcycle coming up behind them in the right lane, headed towards the same intersection. The truck driver couldn’t see the motorcycle because the car was in the way. Their attention was on each other, and the motorcyclist ended up paying dearly for the mistake.

Motorcycles are a fun, challenging and rewarding way to move around. They also require constant vigilance and knowledge to stay safe. Even when a motorcyclist is driving in a lane alone they are at the mercy of other drivers mistakes.

So please, to avoid motorcycle deaths and injuries, don’t be polite, just obey traffic laws