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The potential dangers of shopping

You may not realize that even something as simple as shopping for a birthday present can be the beginning of a long litigation process and even medical attention. Each year, thousands of personal injuries are caused by shopping injuries in our country. Massachusetts residents are of course included in this, which is why it is important to be aware of safety hazards when shopping around, as many things could cause injury in a store. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a small water spill can cause you to slip and bang your head, and that could cause serious injuries.

While spilled water may be the most commonly thought of shopping injury, there are plenty of other injuries that one could suffer in a shopping area. This article lists many of them, such as shopping cart injuries or overcrowding injuries. Fortunately, there are laws in place that can release you from certain monetary responsibility after injuries that are caused by someone else’s negligence, and this includes many shops and the property conditions therein.

An example of a dangerous property condition would be shopping carts that are not kept in proper, safe working condition. Obviously it is not the shop owner’s fault if someone else runs into you with a cart, but if that cart had a loose wheel that caused its user to lose control and crash into you, then the shopkeeper may be liable.

Of course store owners will likely do all that they can to defend themselves from a personal injury claim. This is often not only to avoid paying for the injuries, but also to avoid the bad publicity and being viewed as a dangerous property by other potential customers. Therefore, legal representation could benefit you, if you want to file a personal injury claim against a store owner.

Woman sues fast-food chain after slip-and-fall accident

People want to have a good time when they go out to eat. Sometimes they do have a good time and enjoy a meal they didn’t have to prepare, but on rare occasions, their enjoyment is ruined when they slip and fall on a wet floor and become injured. This recently happened to a woman now suing Chick-Fil-A. Her lawsuit came after she slipped in a puddle and fell on one of their restroom floors and became injured.

The woman is accusing the fast-food chain of negligence by failing to clean its floors and warn customers of the hazard. In her lawsuit, she is also citing premises liability. She is alleging the slip-and-fall accident happened due to incompetent employees who the fast food chain failed to train and supervise. This incident is a good example of how negligent property owners may endanger their customers if they fail to maintain their premises.

Although this accident occurred in Texas, it can easily occur in Boston or other areas of Massachusetts, as well. These slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injuries that may result in expensive medical bills that you cannot afford to pay. Even if the injuries do not appear severe at the time of the accident, you should still seek medical attention, as those injuries may become more severe with time. You may be forced to cope with unwanted pain and suffering long after the initial accident.

The woman’s lawsuit against the fast-food chain is a good example of what you should do in the event that you become injured in a slip-and-fall accident. Seeking compensation for damages is an important step to take if you are the victim of an accident that happened on the premises of a business. Filing a lawsuit may also help the company become more aware of how to prevent another accident from occurring and potentially injuring another customer.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Chick-Fil-A sued after woman falls,” Whitney Brakken, Jan. 22, 2014