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Daycare Injuries

The Most Common Daycare Injuries

Daycare injury cases are heart-rending to work on. Not only are they almost universally preventable, but they happen to innocent children who are supposed to be under the care of a responsible adult.

Tragically, a high amount of these cases end in the death of a child. Toddlers and other young children are vulnerable and injuries that an adult can recuperate from can permanently harm a child.

How Do Daycare Injuries Happen?

In a word, negligence. There may be one adult who is looking after too many kids at once. That’s the fault of the daycare management for allowing a dangerous situation where you have one pair of eyes attempting to track more than a dozen kids that are running around in all directions. There could be 30 kids to one adult, we’ve seen it all.

Even if they have enough staff members on duty, some of those staff members may allow themselves to become distracted. We had a case a few years ago where a child died after he went missing for nearly 15 minutes, and we were able to see the daycare worker had posted on Facebook during that crucial time.

What do daycare injuries look like? A lot of them are broken bones, such as kids climbing on things and tumbling down. There’s a lot of cuts and lacerations, such as kids not being supervised around sharp objects like scissors. Hands caught in doors are also common, which can easily become a permanent injury for small children. All of these hazards are preventable.

Think of every way a kid can get hurt at home, and then multiply the risk factor by 10. That’s what a negligent daycare is like, and unlike at home, they don’t have a Mom or Dad looking after one or two kids. There can be a whole classroom worth of children to watch, and the person watching better be paying attention.

What Can You Do Now?

Has one of your children been hurt while at daycare? Give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 or contact us and we can talk to you about your rights and possible next steps.

Legal Malpractice Practice Area

Can a regular person can stand up to a big company’s legal team?

All personal injury cases we handle are done on a contingency basis. Stated simply, that means that unless we’re successful, they don’t owe us any money at all. Nothing.

We love contingency work, and for three basic reasons.

First, we’re betting on ourselves. We love that, it makes us comfortable in every sense.

Second, we’re in it with the client. We have a joint interest. We’re joined together and we only win if our client wins.

Third, it gives regular people access to really good attorneys because they’re not paying for it out of their own pocket. It levels the playing field between a regular, everyday person and a huge company, which is often on the other side of a personal injury case.

So if a regular person can get their pick of top personal injury lawyers, why should they choose us? How do they know we’re the best. You don’t have to take our word for it, look at what Newsweek said when they featured us in their list of the very top lawyers in the country. If you’re still not sure, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll be happy to help you consider your options.

Helpful tips when choosing a safe daycare center for your child

How to find a safe daycare for your kids

Finding a reliable daycare for your children is an anxiety-provoking event. You are turning your child over to others to take care of during the day, completely out of your sight. Very often people ask attorneys at our firm what they can do to ensure that their child is going to be looked after appropriately.

We always give them the same advice and tell them to go to the daycare center, make sure that it’s clean, talk to the people that run the daycare center and really try to feel them out and get to know them. Find out if they’ve taken a CPR course. See if they’ve taken a first aid course.

Find out if they’re insured.

Many people are shocked to learn that daycare centers in Massachusetts don’t need to be insured. There’s currently no law here requiring that they have insurance.

You want to ask those questions and determine whether or not if this is a place that you would want to leave your child. If you do, make sure you return a day or two later unannounced just to see how they’re taking care of the other children. That will give you some level of comfort in knowing that you’ve picked the right place.

Like anything, the more avid the parent is in making sure that their child is going to be safe, the greater the likelihood that the child will be safe in daycare.

If it’s too late for your family to avoid a daycare accident, or you want to hear what your legal rights are, give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

Death of 7 year old Kyzr Willis of Dorchester

We were saddened to read that 7-year-old Kyzr Willis from Dorchester

Wrongful Death Summer Camp in Boston

We were saddened to read that 7-year-old Kyzr Willis from Dorchester recently wandered away from a daycare program only to be found dead hours later.

Having handled these cases in the past I can honestly say that they are nothing short of heart wrenching.

Our firm was recently responsible for handling the case of a 2 year old boy (also from Dorchester) who wandered away from a daycare center and met the same unfortunate fate.  The bitter truth is that these cases should never occur.

There is no reason for any child to slip away from those responsible for their care.  Never …  People are quick to speak badly of lawyers, and there are members of our profession that do harm its overall reputation, but the truth is that only a lawyer will get to the bottom of this situation and hold accountable those responsible.

The only real good that can come out of any tragedy is to shine a light on what went wrong, who is responsible, and to make certain that it never happens again.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this little boy’s family and friends for their loss.

More information can be found about the case from the Boston Globe.