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Massachusetts boy attacked by dog may lose arm as a result

Children love animals. However, they may not be able to appreciate the risks associated with animals that are territorial or otherwise act aggressively. Unfortunately, it is this very innocence that makes a child particularly susceptible to dog bites.

Recently, a Massachusetts boy was attacked by the family bull dog after he let the dog into his house. The boy’s father has requested that the dog be put down, as it tends to act territorially. The bite damaged the boy’s brachial artery on his upper arm. The boy may lose his arm as a result of the attack.

There are many instances where someone could be attacked by a dog, be it a family pet or that of a stranger. When a person is a victim of an animal attack, they may be compensated through the pet owner’s insurance. Many times homeowner’s insurance will cover animal attacks. That being said, coverage may vary if the animal was not at the homeowner’s place of residence when the attack occurred. To this end, a person’s car insurance might also cover dog bites, if the bite occurred in an automobile. In addition, while the first attack may be covered by insurance, subsequent attacks may not be covered. So it is important for pet owners whose pets attack once to take measures to ensure the pet will not attack again.

Dog bites can be a serious threat to the community in which they live. Pet owners need to take all precautions necessary to ensure their pet will not bite another person. The failure to do so could result in an injured victim and an insurance claim or even a lawsuit against the pet’s owner.

Source: My Fox Boston, “Mass. boy in danger of losing arm after dog bite,” April 4, 2013

Dog euthanized after mauling a Massachusetts boy

As many in Massachusetts can attest, dogs can bring lasting company and joy to the lives of their owners. However, dog owners must never underestimate the possible dangerous propensities of their pets, including the possibility of dog bites. For if a dog were to attack another individual, it could result in severe injuries for the victim and serious consequences for the dog and the dog’s owner.

A 6-year-old pointer-hound mix was euthanized after attacking a 6-year-old Massachusetts boy. The attack occurred while the dog owner’s teenage daughter was babysitting the victim. The dog bit the boy on the face, causing an injury that required over 400 stitches to repair. In addition to the physical injury, the boy has also suffered severe emotional trauma as a result of the attack, saying that he is now “ugly.”

When a person is bitten by a dog, they may be able to sue the dog’s owner in a court of law. There are two theories the lawsuit could be brought under. Some states follow the theory of strict liability. Under strict liability, the dog’s owner is liable for dog bites, even if that owner took steps to avoid attacks, such as posting signs or chaining the dog. Even if the owner had no reason to believe their dog was dangerous, they could still be held liable.

However, in other states a dog owner is liable for attacks only if they know or should have known that their dog had dangerous propensities. It is not always easy to determine what constitutes a dangerous propensities. Some factors the court will consider are the dog’s size, breed, whether the dog was kept for protective purposes and whether the dog has bitten someone in the past. If the owner put up “beware of dog” signs or told someone the dog may attack, that could also be used to show the owner knew the pet had dangerous propensities.

Victims of pet bites could receive compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering. This compensation could be vital in allowing the victim to recover, physically and emotionally from a serious animal attack.

Source:, “Dog that attacked Mansfield boy ordered put down,” Feb. 28, 2013

Dog bites pizza deliverer in Boston

Animals do not always behave well and pet owners are obligated to keep other people safe from violent pets. Boston, Massachusetts, residents may have noticed that some pet owners prefer to keep their dogs unleashed, which may lead to a passerby receiving dog bites.

Food delivery has become common across the country and food deliverers are often confronted with the danger of unleashed dogs. Recently, a pizza deliverer was attacked by a dog and received dog bites. The dog ran out of the house and bit the pizza deliverer on his upper right thigh and ran back inside after the attack.

According to the Boston police report, the delivery driver reported back to work after the attack and was then taken to hospital. The owner of the dog was questioned regarding the dog’s vaccinations, but he refused to surrender any information. The dog owner also tried to convince the victim that treatment was not required for the victim’s injuries.

Dog bites are dangerous and may prove fatal if the animal has not received proper vaccinations. According to Massachusetts state laws, the owner of the dog is liable if a dog attacks any person or property. The only exception to this rule is when the bite victim either trespasses or abuses the animal.

Victims of dog bites may need medical care. Lacerations, bleeding and scars are some of the most common injuries faced by dog bite victims. Additionally, victims of dog bites may suffer psychological damage in addition to their physical injuries. Victims may not be able to work and may need cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Residents of Boston, Massachusetts, may be aware that a person injured by dog bites may file a premises liability claim against a dog owner in order to receive due compensation for their injuries, under applicable laws of the state. Victims may often claim compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages and expenses incurred for psychological counseling.

Source: Rosindale Patch, “Checkmate Cafe Deliverer Sent to Hospital After Dog Bite on Symmes Street in Roslindale,” David Ertischek, Jan. 29, 2013

Dog owner liable to pay compensation to dog bite victim

Dogs are known to be loyal pets, but sometimes they may see a threat in the innocent action of people they are unfamiliar with. They may consider a stranger to be a threat and may attack the person. An insurance company from Massachusetts has stated that more than one-third of all homeowner’s insurance claims in the U.S. relate to dog bites.

Recently, a woman agreed to take care of a dog while her neighbors were on a vacation. It was agreed that in return for her services, the pet owners would pay her $300. The dog was taken to her home. While she was trying to pick up a napkin, the dog bit her. The woman sued the owners of the dog, and a court held the owners liable for her injuries.

Dog bites may cause lacerations, scars, bleeding and even death. Dog injuries may be traumatic, and the injured may need immediate medical attention. The victim may also suffer emotionally after a dog attack.

The owner of a dog has a legal duty to supervise their pets and to prevent injuries to others from dog bite attacks. Massachusetts law provides that if a dog causes injury to a person, the owner of the dog shall be liable for damages unless the injured was committing a trespass or was teasing the dog.

With the help of a skilled personal injury attorney, a dog bite victim may seek compensation from a dog owner in case of injuries. The person may claim medical expenses, pain and suffering and mental trauma. The individual may also seek compensation for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery and psychological counseling.

Source: Insurance Journal, “New Jersey Court: Pet Sitter Can Sue Dog’s Owners Over Bite” Dec. 27, 2012