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This is why we focus on nursing home negligence cases

The common theme that my law firm sees when we handle nursing home cases is a lack of staff. That is to say, too many people in the nursing home and insufficient staff to care for those people.

There are telltale signs, so like anything else, your loved one is better taken care of if you are proactive in trying to determine whether if the nursing home is equipped to meet their needs.

Stop in and observe. How many people are actually on the floor? How many people are tending to nursing home patients? How many people may be wheeled in a wheelchair and left in the hallway unattended? Sometimes you hear alarms go off, but the staff doesn’t respond to it.

We project that this problem is going to get worse in the near future as the Baby Boomer generation comes to that age where they need nursing home care or assisted living care. The nursing homes just aren’t equipped to handle that influx of people.

That is unless they decide at some future time to add much more staff, which they are usually resistant to do. That’s because that would increase their costs and after all, this is a business to them and they’re trying to make a profit.

If someone you end up in this unfortunate situation, please give us a call at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll be happy to let you know what your options are.

Nursing home negligence may put elderly at risk

There are many nursing home facilities in Massachusetts, some of which are popular for the services that they provide. Families who are unable to take care of elderly family members due to a medical condition often choose to place them in a nursing home.

Although nursing homes are presumed to be the best care facilities for elders, nursing home negligence can occur, which can place the elderly at risk. A nursing home in Clermont, Florida, has come to the attention of officials after one of its residents had to be rushed to the hospital.

The daughter of a patient stated that she had been having problems with the nursing home and had noticed signs of neglect on her father. The man developed sores in his mouth from his dentures not being removed. The situation escalated when skin ulcers made his condition more severe and he was sent to a hospital.

When the nursing home officials were asked about the charges, they refused to comment. But records show that the health officials in this nursing home have been fined twice by the state for non-compliance in the past. This raises concerns for the families of other patients residing in the nursing home.

In nursing home neglect cases, some patients may be well cared for and others may be neglected. There may be cases when the patient was not looked after or not given medicines on time. This may lead to other complications. The person may need medical attention and this can cause trauma for both the patient and the family.

Any person injured in a nursing home due to the negligence of its workers or staff may be eligible file a claim for damages from the facility. In this situation, the person may be able to file for compensation for damages such as medical expenses and mental trauma.

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