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Why so many smoke detectors fail

We’ve come to learn that the smoke detector manufacturers continue to sell ionization smoke detectors. People are simply unaware of the difference, and the fact that if they rely on ionization they may be left with too little time to escape a fire in certain circumstances.

The two types are based upon the technology that operates the alarm mechanism. One is ionization, the other is photoelectric. In a smoldering fire situation where people may be asleep and unaware of the fact that the smoke is building up, a photoelectric will give you approximately, on average, 30 to 33 minutes earlier alarm sounding than an ionization.

The difference between the cost of a photoelectric and an ionization ranges from $2 to $4 per unit.

It’s amazing that that small cost can ensure the safety of your family in a situation where they need an early warning from a smoldering fire that they’re unaware of simply because they are asleep.

We have gathered a team electrical engineers, toxicologists, and experts in the technology of activating smoke alarms so that we’re prepared to handle these types of cases. You can reach us at 1 (888) 330-6657 and we’ll let you know what your options are.

Nearly 80 residents escape Massachusetts apartment fire

It only takes one spark to start a blaze that has the potential to engulf an entire building in flames. And if that building is an apartment building, the apartment owner could face a premises liability lawsuit by injured residents.

Nearly 80 people are now homeless after a fire tore through their Massachusetts apartment building. Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries, as most of the residents were able to escape the four-alarm blaze via fire escapes. It is not yet known what caused the three-story building to catch fire. The former residents have since taken shelter in a nearby elementary school with the aid of the Red Cross.

Although this fire is still being investigated, it serves as a good example of the need for operable smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in the common areas of apartments as well as the need for proper evacuation routes, such as fire escapes. This is especially true considering approximately 80 percent of fire deaths occur in the victim’s place of residence. If the owner of an apartment complex fails to keep smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in common areas in good repair or if they do not provide an adequate and safe means of evacuation in case of a fire, then they could end up facing a lawsuit by an injured tenant. However, for the tenant to prevail, it must be demonstrated that their injury was directly caused by the landlord’s negligence.

Fires can not only damage buildings, they could also claim lives. In the end, proper fire prevention and a good emergency plan go a long way to keeping apartment residents safe in the event of fire.

Source:, “Lynn Fire Displaces Dozens of Residents,” March 24, 2013