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Some blood clot filters are associated with injury and death

To date, 27 deaths have been associated with a medical device designed to trap blood clots in a large blood vessel before they get to the narrow vessels in the heart or lungs. The metal spider-like device is called an inferior vena cava filter or IVC filter.

Unfortunately, the design of the device is flawed and people have been injured in various ways. Some of those injuries include a wire-like piece breaking off and piercing the patients heart or blood vessels or the entire device becoming dislodged and harming the patient.

There is a growing concern over the safety of this product. If you or a loved one had an IVC filter installed then there may be a risk of complication. We strongly urge you to speak to your doctor for an opinion and to contact us at 617-698-6000 to discuss your rights and options.

Assisted living facility fined for endangering residents

When a loved one is in need of elder care, you hope and expect that they will receive the attention and support they need in the facility chosen. In many places, nursing home staff work to the best of their ability to attend to the needs of their residents. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and incidences of negligence, medication errors and even abuse can put vulnerable people in danger. If residents of Massachusetts become aware of inadequate care at a nursing home, they should alert the authorities and seek legal advice.

In Iowa, a care site has been under investigation for such allegations. The accusations against the facility suggest that the home has endangered its residents through a series of negligent acts. Their alleged failings include supplying nutritionally deficient meals and allowing non-medical staff to administer insulin injections.

According to one resident, staff would even borrow personal medical supplies without seeking permission in order to cover other tenants’ needs. The home is also thought to have been providing insufficient training to its staff and to be responsible for various forms of negligence. Documentation showed 22 medication errors within four months for one resident alone, while another resident was insufficiently evaluated after a fall that caused a brain bleed.

Other residents claimed they feared retaliation if they complained about conditions. In one case, a family called police after receiving a phone call from their 90-year-old relative. The call-light system for the home had been disabled, so when the resident suffered a minor stroke, he was unable to call for assistance. The home is facing fines as a result of this negligence, but a relative of one resident stated that she felt the punishment has been far too lenient.

This facility is in another state, but residents of Massachusetts should take note nonetheless. If you have a loved one in care, it is important to ensure they are being correctly looked after. If you suspect abuse or negligence has taken place, it is essential to act quickly for the sake of your loved one and other residents. A knowledgeable attorney can help you investigate the matter and seek the care and compensation you and your loved one deserve.

Source: The Des Moines Register, “Spirit Lake care site accused of endangering residents,” Clark Kauffman, April 13, 2014