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Do loud motorcycles really save lives?

No one likes hearing a loud motorcycles engine purposely revved up at 1 a.m. in an otherwise peaceful, empty neighborhood. That’s inconsiderate and obnoxious.

But during the day it’s a different story. Loud motorcycles are a nuisance to people who don’t ride motorcycles. They are essential safety tools for the people who do. The old expression among bikers is that “loud pipes save lives” because that thunderous roar gives notice to drivers that there’s a motorcycle around. It’s telling them to be extra cautious because motorcycle riders pay the price when drivers don’t notice them.

If you make a mistake and hit someone in a car, there’s 3,500 pounds of metal around the person protecting them. There could still be an accident, they could still be hurt, they could be hurt severely, but that protection helps in every respect. Motorcyclists don’t have that roll cage and a loud bike is their safety mechanism.

Motorcyclists know generally where blind spots are and they do a great job of staying out of them. They know the the back rear of a car, just off the rear door, is the most dangerous place to be because people can’t see there. They try to avoid being in those situations because of the danger.

Again, there are people who abuse them and purposely create problems for them, but for most motorcycle riders loud bikes are safe bikes.