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6 Signs it’s Time to Change Lawyers

6 Signs it’s Time to Change Lawyers

Choosing an attorney to represent you is a rare experience, so when it does happen, most people don’t know what to expect. We’re all used to buying milk so we know not to tolerate lumps, and we know if a gas pump trickles slowly that something is wrong, but what are the red flags for a lawyer?

Communication Problems

If your lawyer doesn’t call you back quickly or doesn’t respond to your e-mails, that’s a big problem. You may need to get a hold of them for an emergency, and if your attorney waits several days, or never responds at all, then you are at serious risk. Professional firms use phone answering services so that they can receive calls 24 hours a day. Wouldn’t you rather have a representative that you can reach in a reasonable amount of time?

Big Promises

The practice of law is built on a foundation of hard work and insightful expertise, but the actual outcome of any given case can come down to the whims of a judge, magistrate, or jury. Seasoned pros know this, often from personal experiences where a case that seemed predetermined went the other way, but amateurs and newbies with little experience can slip up and say a specific case is a sure thing. Those aren’t the kind of lawyers you want in your corner.

Bad Attitude

Attorneys regularly deal with people who are struggling through dire circumstances, such as a mother of three who just lost her husband and doesn’t know how she’s going to be able to afford their mortgage. These are delicate situations that require genuine empathy, concern, and compassion. If you encounter a lawyer who wishes to represent you but comes off as snide, condescending, or just plain rude then drop them immediately. If they don’t have the professionalism to show you human courtesy, then they will likely have other major flaws in their craft.

Missed Deadlines

Meeting deadlines are essential to representing a client and protecting their legal rights in the court system. An attorney that falls behind on this front is jeopardizing their own client. Even the strongest case will fall apart if the council can’t get the paperwork in on time. You wouldn’t keep a babysitter who never shows up, likewise, you shouldn’t keep an attorney who fails to meet deadlines.

Cookie-Cutter Approach

A good lawyer will look at the details of your case, hunt down the facts and apply a well-informed legal analysis before crafting an individual strategy to help you. Some other attorneys run their law firms like a factory, brushing over the details and using a common, simple approach for all cases. Make sure your attorney is paying attention to the details of your case, is performing research when needed.


Being a lawyer is a demanding job, with many pieces moving at once. A successful lawyer will use a tightly-controlled calendaring system to make sure they can appear in court when needed, meeting specific deadlines, and prioritize their many obligations. Attorneys who lack these things are setting themselves up for failure.

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