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Boston Car Accident Attorneys

Boston Car Accident Attorneys

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Getting into a car accident can be an incredibly traumatic experience. Victims are often left facing roadblocks when attempting to secure compensation for their losses. If you or somebody you care about has been injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, contact the motor vehicle injury team at Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. today. Our Boston car accident attorneys will conduct a full investigation into your case and work to secure the full compensation you are entitled to.

Your Recovery Is Our Priority

Car-AccidentsOur Boston car accident law firm doesn’t back down from tough cases that have been rejected by other firms. Other lawyers may tell you that the chance for recovery is too small, that the expense of handling the case may be too large, or that damages are too small to pursue. As trusted, determined, and skilled car accident lawyers in Boston, MA, we look at each potential car accident case as an opportunity to help injured people. Our primary goal is to help you obtain the compensation you need to pay for medical expenses, make up for lost wages, and receive compensation for the pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life you may have experienced.

To this end, we take the extra steps needed to achieve success. In addition to working closely with accident reconstructionists, medical experts, and treating physicians, we use computer and software technology to recreate accidents. We even hire crews and vehicles to reenact accidents when key questions need answers. The result: Hundreds of high-value claims and satisfied clients. We handle all types of highway accidents involving:

According to data from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, we can see that there were more than 140,000 total traffic collisions during the latest reporting year across the Commonwealth. Out of these incidents, there were 315 fatal injury incidents and more than 32,000 non-fatal injury incidents.

Distracted Driving Accidents

More than two million people were injured in auto accidents in 2009 according to a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Most motor vehicle accidents are the result of driver negligence, including speeding, aggressive driving, and inattentive driving.

The NHTSA reports that 16 percent of all fatal auto crashes and 21 percent of all auto crashes causing injury are the result of distracted driving, including:

  • Talking on a Cell Phone
  • Texting While Driving
  • Eating or Drinking
  • Arguing with Passengers
  • Grooming or Applying Makeup
  • Use of GPS and Other Electronic Devices

Most Common Injuries in a Boston Car Crash

While it is true that the majority of car accidents result in only minor injuries or no injuries at all, that is not always the case. When two or more vehicles collide, it is not uncommon for the following injuries to occur:

These injuries all require extensive medical care, and there are times when Boston car accident victims are unable to work or resume their daily life activities due to a disability caused by the crash.

What You Need to Do After a Boston Car Accident

If you or somebody you love has been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another driver in Boston, there are various steps that you can take that will help ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Some of these steps need to take place immediately, while others can happen over the days and weeks following the crash. At Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., we recommend that drivers take the following steps as soon as a crash has occurred:

  • Seek medical care: The number one most important thing for a person to do after a crash occurs is to seek immediate medical care. Not only does this ensure that the victim’s injuries are cared for, but this also establishes a solid link between the Boston car accident and the injuries. Please understand that the signs and symptoms of some car accident injuries do not appear until hours or days after a crash occurs. Do not wait to be evaluated by a doctor.
  • Gather evidence: If it is safe to do so at the scene of the crash, and if a person is not badly injured, they can begin gathering evidence. This can include using a cell phone to take photographs of everything at the scene, including the vehicle damage, injuries, debris, traffic and weather conditions, skid marks, and more. Additionally, the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses need to be obtained so that they can be contacted later.
  • Call the insurance carrier: Any person involved in a vehicle collision needs to report the incident to their insurance carrier fairly soon. However, under no circumstances should a crash victim go into detail about the incident. All the insurance carrier needs to in the initial report is that the crash occurred and who was involved.
  • Seek legal assistance: It is important to involve an attorney early in a case if the careless with negligent actions of another driver caused the accident. An attorney can get involved, obtain and preserve evidence, and handle all communication with other parties.

All of those steps need to happen in fairly rapid succession. However, in the days and weeks that follow the initial emergency incident, accident victims still need to ensure that they:

  • Continue all medical care: Accident victims must continue all medical care until their doctor says they have reached maximum medical improvement. Failing to do so could result in an insurance claim being delayed or denied.
  • Document daily pain and suffering: In order to secure additional compensation for pain and suffering, we recommend the victims keep a daily diary or journal that documents their day-to-day activities. We specifically want victims to note how their physical and mental pain and suffering affect their day-to-day activities.
  • Limit conversation about the vehicle accident: We recommend not speaking to any insurance carriers or at-fault parties involved in the case. You need to let an attorney handle all communication with other parties on your behalf. Additionally, you should not post anything about your accident or injuries on social media. Anything you say online or to others about the accident could end up being used against you when it comes to the insurance claim or in court.
  • Continue to rely on legal counsel: You should continue to work with your attorney if you have any questions or concerns about your case. An attorney will handle everything on your behalf so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

How Much Compensation is Available For a Car Accident Case?

If you or somebody you love has been injured in a car accident caused by the negligence of another driver, there may be various types of compensation available for your claim. At Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C., our car accident lawyers in Boston are regularly able to help clients recover the following:

  • Compensation for all crash-related medical bills
  • Lost income if a victim is unable to work
  • General household out-of-pocket expenses
  • Loss of personal enjoyment damages
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Possible punitive damages against a grossly negligent party

No two car accidents are exactly alike, and the total amount of compensation awarded for these cases will vary depending on the factors related to each particular situation.

Shared Liability After a Boston Car Accident

It is not uncommon for more than one party to be at fault for a vehicle accident. In these cases, many people wonder whether or not they will be able to obtain compensation if they are to blame in any way for the incident. The good news is that Massachusetts operates under a “modified comparative negligence” rule. This means that even those partially at fault for the crash can still recover compensation, so long as they are not 51% or more at fault. Any person 51% or more at fault for a vehicle accident in Boston will not be able to recover compensation.

However, for that 50% or less at fault for a crash, they will be able to recover partial compensation. In these instances, the total amount of compensation a victim receives will be reduced based on their percentage of fault.

How Long Do You Have to File a Car Accident Claim in Boston?

Each state is responsible for establishing a timeline for how long victims have to file lawsuits against alleged negligent parties in a car accident case. The Massachusetts personal injury statute of limitations is three years from the date the injury occurs. If a car accident injury victim fails to file a claim within this three-year window, they will generally lose the ability to recover any compensation for their losses.

Trust the Recognized Leaders in Boston Car Accidents Law

You can be confident that you are in the hands of skilled, zealous, and highly dedicated Boston car accident attorneys when you retain Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. We have built a strong reputation across Boston, and Milton, Massachusetts based on thousands of successfully handled car accidents and personal injury claims. Our track record and qualifications include:

  • Hundreds of High-Value Settlements and Jury Awards in Auto Accident Claims
  • Success with Cases Rejected by Other Firms
  • Obtained More Than $75 Million in Compensation on Behalf of Accident Victims
  • An Attorney Team That Includes a Massachusetts “Super Lawyer” and Massachusetts “Rising Stars”

Contact us to schedule a free consultation if a loved one has been injured or killed in an auto accident. We proudly serve clients throughout Boston, Milton, Wolburn, and the surrounding Boston areas.