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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Attorney Colucci handled my son’s case. My 19 year old son was involved in a car accident, where a delivery truck ran a stop sign and hit the vehicle in which my son was a passenger.

Attorney Colucci was recommended to me by a friend. He, and his staff are very knowledgeable and were professional in the way they treated us. He explained very clearly what had to take place in a case like ours, making sure all our questions were answered.

Any follow-up questions or concerns we had during the settlement process were addressed quickly and accurately. Ultimately we felt very comfortable in the way our case way handled….and would definitely recommend Dino Colucci (and his firm) to members of our family or friends who would require the type of service he provides.

Posted By Pete
five star rating

Dino has been our family attorney for eight years. My original contact with him was regarding a life-threatening workplace injury I suffered in 2008. Dino and the rest of his firm could not have been more supportive in my time of troubles. They answered any questions I had promptly, and always kept my informed as the case wound its way through the litigation process. The case was resolved without going to trial, just a few months after I hired Dino. We probably set a land-speed record for a six-figure settlement.

Posted By Anonymous
five star rating

The firm, in particular Dino, represented me in a personal injury lawsuit. I had at first simply called some of the big, full-page ad people in the yellow pages, but was not pleased with the way I was treated. I then called an unbiased lawyer referral agency to find a lawyer in my community and that is how I found Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. From the first phone call and into the first consultation with Dino and his brother, I felt like not just a client but family, no exaggeration. I felt relieved that I had made a good choice to represent me. Dino represented my interests to the fullest of his abilities, for which I am grateful. The firm never saw a penny until we went to arbitration at the request of the opposing party, at which point a settlement that was agreeable to all was reached. Even then, Dino made it clear to me as the client that we could go on to trial if I was not satisfied with the settlement, despite the fact that he had worked on the case for a few years without compensation. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance. Not only is he a fine attorney, he is a very likable person personally. Add to that the fact that he has actually been kind enough to answer my emails and phone calls on other, unrelated legal matters (free) and what more can I say? Thank you, Dino.

Posted By John
five star rating

I would recommend Dino Colucci to anyone unfortunate enough to have experienced a complicated long term injury that was not their fault. I was represented by Dino in a personal injury case against a major restaraunt chain that had the money to hire the most expensive lawyers. Although the case took five years to settle nothing was overlooked when it came to my injuries. He prepared me on what to expect and never mislead me. I wouldn’t wish on anyone the things you must go through during the different phases of a law suit such as mine but Dino kept me positive.

Posted By Cheryl
five star rating
Thomas DiPrete, Providence RI

Dino’s 5 Star Rating is 5 Stars too few. For more than a decade Dino and his firm have zealously represented me through thick and thin. The fact that through 3 separate hotly contested court cases Dino brought home the bacon each time is awesome. What makes Dino’s representation super awesome is the joy in watching Dino surgically cross examine an opposing witness, eventually reaching in and pulling the witness’s heart out – PURE GOLD.

Posted By Thomas DiPrete, Providence RI
five star rating

We retained Dino and his firm to handle a complicated employment case. A true professional, Dino took the time to understand and argue our position to our complete satisfaction.

We recommend Dino and his firm to anyone who is in search of a smart attorney who will work hard to resolve their legal problems.

Posted By Vance
five star rating

I can’t imagine anyone writing off Dino and his staff . But especially Dino. The positive reviews that were listed on the site emphasize what I feel too. My family experienced a very painful tragedy during our time with Dino. We reached out to Dino and his firm because he and his team handled a similar case in the past and we saw he had the credentials and experience there. After meeting with him initially, our family saw right away that he was the person for us. He was very empathetic, patient, informative, and a family advocate from beginning to end. There was at no point in our case did I not trust in his expertise. He was meticulous and paid attention to every detail of the case. He would represent our family in court even when we weren’t able to be there ourselves. He not only handled everything in our civil case, but he was our eyes and ears for the family by attending court dates for the criminal case surrounding our incident. He even was doing more work in helping the prosecutor than the prosecutor was doing for himself. It just went to show that he cared and went above and beyond his responsibilities just to our case at hand. If there was ever a situation that I needed legal help again, Dino and his firm as a whole would be the first place I would call. Because it wasn’t just Dino that advocated for us, it was the whole firm. Wish more attorneys were like him. My family would highly recommend him hands down.

Posted By Anonymous
five star rating

Dino represented our family following a tragic loss. He was highly recommended by a trusted friend. Dino was respectful, sympathetic and extremely competent. He was able to resolve our case amicably and quickly. We were very pleased with Dino and his firm and we recommend him highly.

Posted By Ginny
five star rating

I googled Nursing Home Negligence attorneys. Calls to 3 were never returned. I spoke with 2 that made me uncomfortable before calling the firm Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. From the very first phone call, Dino Colucci exceeded my expectations.

I was a grieving daughter. Emotional, and nervous, I sought the services of a personal claims attorney and I had no idea what I was getting in to. Not only did Dino return my initial call to his firm promptly, every call thereafter, and email correspondence was in a timely manner. I was kept aware of the case status at every turn, and anytime I needed additional clarification, Dino personally corresponded with me to assure I had everything I needed. He didn’t sugar coat things to mislead me.

In a way, Dino dispelled all my notions of personal injury attorneys through his kind and genuine nature. But don’t let his gentle spirit fool you. He is a competent and fierce negotiator. I trusted him completely and am very satisfied with the settlement. The professional and courteous service from everyone in Dino’s office made this experience much easier, and I am forever grateful.

Posted By Patty
five star rating

I hired Attorney Colucci to defend me in a potential personal liability situation related to an automobile accident. He was prompt, thorough, patient, smart, and proactive. A true partner. He made the effort without delay to visit the scene of the accident. He worked well with my insurance company, defending and securing my family’s individual interests. Terrific attention to detail. Straightshooter. Appropriately aggressive on his client’s behalf. And a genuinely nice person.

Posted By Ted
five star rating

Darin Colucci, an attorney who is patient, accessible, trustworthy, assertive, knowledgeable.
His team was great to work with they showed true compassion for what I was going through. My concerns were met with care. I received an excellent settlement. I would recommend Darin Colucci with the highest regard.

Posted By Isabella
five star rating

One word for Atty Darin Colucci as a person and a lawyer UNBELIEVABLE!! Atty Colucci was recommended by a colleague and he said I would not be disappointed with Darin. The first time I met with Darin, I knew right then and there that he was the right lawyer for myself and my case. Darin and his office ALWAYS kept me informed about my case! I was very happy with the result of my case. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Darin Colucci to everyone!!

Posted By Michael
five star rating

Darin worked my my case for 3 years with a very successful result. Throughout the entire time he was never further away than a phone. I was always kept updated with whatever was going on. My case was complicated by dealing with multiple foreign companies. Darin and team were always very sensitive to my concerns and kept my family and myself a active part of our case. I never felt like just one more client. I will always be grateful for their expertise!

Posted By Susan
five star rating
Joe Gatto

I was involved in an automobile accident that involved a lawsuit against the other driver. Dino Colucci’s representation resulted in an out-of-court settlement that equaled the maximum amount attainable with a successful jury trial.

Posted By Joe Gatto
five star rating
Kathleen Donovan

Our experience with Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. Counselors at Law has been wonderful. We heard about them from a friend and decided to call when we needed some legal assistance after a traumatic event in our lives. We first met with Dino Colucci and from the start thought he was very informative and professional. We decided to hire them and have been extremely happy with every aspect of service they have provided to us. If we had any questions or ever needed something explained Dino always got back to us in a timely manner and explained everything in terms where we could understand. We will be using this firm for any and all legal matters in the future and if anyone we know needs legal assistance we will definitely direct them to Colucci, Colucci & Marcus, P.C. because we know they will get the absolute best around.Thank you for all that you did for us Dino. We appreciate it all.

Posted By Kathleen Donovan
five star rating