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There is no limit when it comes to the different ways in which a person can sustain a personal injury. A personal injury case exits when one person’s negligence causes another to become injured. We have literally handled hundreds of different types of personal injury matters. There is no viable personal injury matter, no matter how the injury occurred which we would refuse to handle. Below are merely examples of the more common cases.

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Our decades of combined experience in personal injury law has resulted in hundreds of high-value settlements and verdicts following a broad range of accidents and injuries

  • Many of our clients come to us after having been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes these injuries can be severe. Motorcyclists who get in accidents, for example, have less protection against impact than people in closed vehicles, and often require intense and costly medical intervention. Truck accidents can also cause serious injury, because the weight and mass of trucks is so much greater than most other vehicles on the road. Whether an accident happens as a result of driver error or inattention, poor road conditions or another cause, our attorneys know how to build a strong case for injured clients, securing the compensation needed for an effective recovery.
  • We also step in to defend the rights of vulnerable adults who may be at risk of abuse, neglect or other negligent care in a nursing home. We hold these facilities responsible for harm inflicted on the patients in their care, whether that harm comes in the form of medication errors, abuse, a failure to diagnose or treat illness, or another cause.
  • Construction and other industrial work sites are well-known to be dangerous environments that carry the risk of injury for the people who work there. Clients come to us who have been hurt in scaffolding or ladder accidents, accidents involving trucks or other heavy vehicles or machinery, or any other unfortunate on-the-job mishap. We understand the gravity of these cases, not only because of the serious physical harm they can cause, but also because a serious injury can have lasting job consequences for the injured worker. We are dedicated to helping injured workers every step of the way so that we can secure the maximum possible compensation.
  • Property owners have a duty to ensure safety for guests and visitors. If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property because of an act of negligence, you may have a valid premises liability suit. For example, if you slip on a spill in a grocery store that should have been cleaned up, or fall from a stairway when a defective railing collapses, you may be able to sue the property owner for compensation.
  • When an unsafe product reaches the marketplace and causes harm, consumers may sue to recoup compensation to help pay for their injuries. Many parties may bear responsibility for bringing an unsafe product to market. An experienced product liability lawyer can evaluate your case and determine the most promising course of action in your particular case.

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When you receive a service, it’s important that when all is complete you can say, “They treated me very well and seemed to truly care for me and my problem.” First and foremost, though, it’s important to know that you received the result you wanted.

At Colucci Colucci Marcus & Flavin, PC, our Boston lawyers are committed to the idea that the superior client service we provide is followed by the best possible result. Our consistent diligence has resulted in our reputation as leaders in Massachusetts personal injury law.

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In addition to our effective personal injury practice, we also represent clients who are seeking greater peace of mind by planning for the future. When you speak with one of our attorneys about creating an estate plan, we can tell you how a will, trust, durable power of attorney and other essential tools can help you navigate the challenges of the future. We also represent clients who are facing issues related to legal malpractice.