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Boston Property Owner Negligence Attorneys

Boston Property Owner Negligence Attorneys

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Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe premises for their customers and visitors. When accidents happen that lead to injury, you need a diligent attorney that knows how to hold the negligent party accountable. Call our office to consult with our highly experienced premises liability lawyer. Our office is available 24/7 to take your call. We offer a free case review to determine the strength of your claim and to recommend the most beneficial course of action.

Injuries can often have devastating consequences for victims and their families, especially if the injury results in lost wages and costly medical bills. As your Boston injury lawyer, we are here to help. We fight for the compensation you need to cover the expense that your avoidable injury has incurred. We have the resources it takes to secure the most favorable outcome available in your particular case. Negligent parties and their insurance companies will resist paying you the compensation you deserve. Our Boston property owner negligence attorneys, though, push back and protect your best interests.

Cases We Handle

We have handled negligent security cases involving:

  • Assaults
  • Bar Fights Due to Lack of Competent Bouncers or Underage Drinkers
  • Security Device Failures at the Entries to Apartment Buildings, Gated Communities, and Condominiums and Townhouses
  • Unsafe Parking Lots
  • Broken or Poorly Maintained Security Cameras

Giving You a Helping Hand after a Stairway Accident

In a world of level pedestrian surfaces, steps and staircases stand out. In just 15 or 20 feet, stairwells can drop a dozen feet or more, presenting a potential danger each time a staircase is used or even approached. To safeguard the public against the dangers of stairwells, numerous laws provide guidelines and requirements to ensure stairs are safe. Laws also provide recourse for people injured when property owners don’t ensure the safe construction and maintenance of interior and exterior staircases.

Were You Injured in a Grocery Store Accident?

As recognized leaders in Massachusetts personal injury law since 1995, we are able to effectively argue any case. The majority of personal injury accidents occurring in retail stores happen in grocery stores and supermarkets. Supermarkets have high sales volume and involvement with perishables, ice, cooling systems, and other factors that can lead to dangerous conditions. Our team of attorneys has decades of experience in investigating and litigating personal injury cases following accidents on commercial property.

We regularly spend the time and resources necessary to build a strong and viable case after it has been rejected by other firms. For instance, by reenacting an accident or by recreating it with the use of software technology, we have succeeded in proving negligence and obtaining compensation for numerous injured clients. For more information from experienced personal injury lawyers, please contact our office.

Attorneys Who Specialize in Sidewalk Injury Cases

You deserve to walk on safe sidewalks and parking lots. Businesses, homeowners, and homeowners’ associations tend to focus on maintaining a safe interior environment. Most organizations and buildings include a parking lot or driveway, as well as sidewalks. Who is responsible when accidents and injuries occur outside a building where people park and walk? It is important that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights. What seems like a simple accident often results from hard-to-detect negligence, such as:

  • Poor Lighting
  • Poorly Maintained Surfaces
  • Poor Sidewalk Design
  • Negligent Handling of Snow and Ice
  • Unremoved Debris

You Can’t Avoid What You Can’t See

When people think of dangerous conditions on residential and commercial property, they often think of wet floors or icy steps. The landlord’s responsibility also extends to the duty to provide adequate lighting. Any area can be unsafe when lighting is poor. Inadequate lighting can also lead to a decrease in security, which increases the chance of assault. Reach out to our team if you think you may have a legal case involving inadequate lighting.

Our Boston Property Owner Negligence Lawyers Take On Cases Other Firms Won’t

Our lawyers take an aggressive and creative approach to litigation, and we routinely obtain high-value awards for challenging cases, including cases turned down by other firms. Our reputation is further enhanced by industry recognition. Our team includes a lawyer recognized as a Massachusetts “Super Lawyer” annually since 2006. In addition, attorneys are featured in Super Lawyers and Boston Magazine as rising stars of the legal profession. Call today to discuss your case with a Boston property owner negligence attorney.