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Settlement Negotiations

Boston Settlement Negotiations Attorneys

Grandstanding in a courtroom looks compelling on TV, but a vast proportion of real-life cases come to a resolution through settlements. Often much faster and less stressful than arduously pursuing a claim and leaving the final decision in the hands of outside parties, these agreements allow plaintiffs to get compensation and ensure accountability on their own terms. At Colucci Law, we have a wealth of experience with settlement negotiations in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas.

Parties may reach a settlement at any point during a case, and we assist with every aspect of the process, including details like:

  • Amount of Interest Due
  • Deadlines for Payment
  • Return or Replacement of Property

Proven Client Commitment

Though they often seem easier than a court battle, settlements are far from simple. The other side will push for their own terms, and you want a representative who can effectively pursue your goals for the final resolution. When we take your case, you get support from professionals like attorney Darin Colucci, who served as the lead negotiator for one of the largest cases in Massachusetts history.

Though many of the case details are confidential, that single instance resulted in a case settlement of nearly 70 million dollars. Discover the difference that our efforts can make in your situation by calling today for your free case review.