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Could “Shock Therapy” Really Still Be A Practice Used By Psychiatrists?

Believe it or not, there are certain doctors who are still using “shock therapy” to deal with patients who are suffering emotionally. The current term of art is electroconvulsive, or ECT. It’s a procedure used by some psychiatrists where up to 460 volts of electricity are sent coursing through the brain in an attempt to create a grand mal seizure within the patient. The thinking is that the brain will “resent” or “reboot” due to electrical activity. This is a potentially harmful process that can cause patients with severe and permanent damage.

We were shocked to find out that this practice is still being undertaken by certain doctors. There was a case in 2012 in Massachusetts where a treatment center performed this treatment and severely injured a person. The case settled before trial for multiple millions. If you or a loved one have undergone this type of “therapy” and you’ve had adverse ramifications because of it, kindly contact us. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the matter with you to see if pursuing a case is viable.