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American Executive Awarded $2.5 Million from International Accident on the Autobahn

American Executive Awarded $2.5 Million from International Accident on the Autobahn

When you are hurt in an accident, it can be difficult to find who is at fault. Often, circumstances can be unclear, or the parties involved refuse to take responsibility. You need a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney at your side. A dedicated attorney will argue their best case. An aggressive and knowledgeable attorney won’t let big companies hide behind, “It’s not-my-fault.” They will investigate, find the liable party, and uncover evidence to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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A Question of Liability

In September of 2015, an American executive was sent to Germany. After arriving at Frankfurt Airport, he was collected by a driver. While driving on the Autobahn, the driver seemed to pass out. As the vehicle veered off the road, it went through a fence and across a field at a high speed. The exec tried to lean over and drive the car from the backseat but was seat belted and unable to reach the brake. Suddenly, the runaway car collided with a tree.

The American was airlifted to the hospital after sustaining life-threatening injuries. Finally, when he was stable enough, the executive was brought back to the United States for further treatment.

In the following lawsuit, liability became an issue. The car crash happened in Germany. Is the German company at fault? Is the American company that sent the executive at fault?

Attorney Darin Colucci took the case and argued that the Massachusetts transportation company was liable. In his argument, Colucci insisted:

  • The American company should have investigated the German driver better
  • The company also had significant control over the German company’s transportation

The transportation company denied all liability and pointed the finger at the German company. They argued the German company was an independent contractor. Darin Colucci was aggressive and dedicated. He uncovered key evidence, a contract between the German and American companies. The contract showed that the American company exerted significant control. It dictated:

  • The color of the vehicle
  • The driver’s attire
  • What the driver was allowed to talk about
  • How the car should be stocked
  • The time to arrive at the job
  • How everything was to be billed
  • Prohibitions about tips
  • And if any dispute arose between the companies, Massachusetts would have jurisdiction

Another shocking piece of evidence Attorney Colucci discovered was that the driver had admitted to passing out on previous occasions.

Before the court was set to hear the motion, the injured executive and the American company agreed to mediation. In one day of mediation, the transportation company agreed to pay $2.5 million to the injured executive to settle the claim.

What You Should Know About Germany’s Autobahn?

There are few world-famous highways, but the Autobahn certainly has an attraction. With no speed limit set on long stretches of the highway, it is a great way to test German engineering or any other performance car. The Autobahn is also famous for its accidents:

  • In the latest reporting year, Germany had the most motor vehicle accidents in Europe
  • 67% of accidents happen where there is no speed limit
  • There is mounting data that support speed limits on highways directly impact automobile accidents

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