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Have You Been Injured By A Defective Product?

Have You Been Injured By A Defective Product?

The amount of products we use throughout our daily lives truly is astounding. From the refrigerators, we use to preserve our food to the cars we use to get to work to the computers and phones we use to check our emails and communicate, hundreds of products exist to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, not all products are created equal, and any one of these products being used with a defect could cause serious unexpected injury to the consumer.

A defective refrigerator that does not properly keep food cold could lead to the consumption of spoiled food and thus food poisoning or some other sickness. In Massachusetts, where snow often creates dangerous driving conditions, a car with defective tires may not slow down the way it is supposed to, which could lead to a car accident. Defective phones that overheat could cause burn injuries as we hold them up to our ears. The list goes on and on for every product that you use.

Before you become alarmed, remember that most products are tested and retested to ensure that they are safe for use. Even if a defect is discovered, most companies immediately initiate a product recall to prevent unexpected injuries or damages. However, some defective products slip through the cracks, and those injuries could mean lost wages, hospital bills, or even death.

Fortunately for victims of defective products, they can defend themselves with a product liability case. A product liability case allows victims to be compensated for any injuries caused by defective products, as long as the victim can prove that the product was defective and the manufacturer or distributor is thus liable for the injuries.

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