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How 3D Videos Help Us Win Cases

How 3D Videos Help Us Win Cases

We’re a high-tech law firm. We love embracing new approaches to help our clients. For example, we have an impressive law library in the Milton office that is collecting dust because we find it so much more effective to use online databases.

When we’re representing someone who has been hurt in an accident, the details of the case can be complex and may be difficult for judges and other members of the court to understand. We want to make sure the narrative they receive isn’t just clear, but unmistakable.

With 3D Videos, we win cases!

That’s why we embrace the use of 3D videos to recreate what happened. After gathering all the facts with our relentless attention to detail, these 3D animated videos let anyone viewing them see just how egregious the behavior of the negligent party was in a way that mere words can not convey.

In some cases we’ve incorporated surveillance footage into the video presentation and use the CGI animated sections to flesh out the parts that aren’t captured, or when important details need to be seen from another angle.

We have some additional techniques that we use in the videos that no other firms are doing in the greater Boston area, but we don’t want to give away all of our secrets here. Give us a call at 617-917-3917 if you’d like to learn more.