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I Was Injured In a Motor Vehicle Accident By a Person Who Fled The Scene (‘hit and run’) or By a Person Who Doesn’t Have Enough Insurance to Cver My Injuries. What Do I Do?

Too often, individuals suffer serious and disabling injuries but the person or business responsible does not carry enough insurance to adequately compensate him or her.

For example, our office recently resolved a case where a man was permanently disabled after he was struck by a motor vehicle while he was walking to his car. The at-fault driver fled the scene and was unable to be identified. This is typically called a ‘hit and run’ accident. Our client suffered catastrophic injuries, underwent numerous surgeries, and could not return to work. Despite an exhaustive investigation by our firm, (reviewing surveillance video, interviewing to work. Despite antnesses, and working with police) the only insurance available to compensate him for his medical expenses, pain, and suffering, and lost wages was the “Uninsurance” coverage in his own automobile insurance policy. Many people aren’t even aware that this coverage option exists. “Uninsurance” is coverage that is available from your own insurance policy if the person who injures you is either “un-insured” or can’t be identified, (like a “hit and run” driver). It is “optional” coverage, however, and will cost you more in premiums—but it is worth it.

In the case described above, our client only maintained $20,000 of “Uninsurance” benefits. This meant that, despite his catastrophic injuries, the most he could recover was $20,000 from his own auto insurer.

How do I protect myself and the other passengers in my car?

When purchasing your auto insurance, the most powerful thing you can do to be responsible for yourself and your loved ones is to make sure you carry optional “Under Insurance” and “Uninsurance” coverage with the highest limits you can afford. “Under Insurance” coverage will protect you if your injuries and damages exceed the insurance coverage of the at-fault driver. “Uninsurance” coverage will protect you if you are injured by an unidentified person (“hit and run”) or uninsured vehicle.

At a minimum, we suggest carrying $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident of Under/Uninsurance coverage. Generally, this is referred to as a “$100/$300 policy.”

Finally, we also suggest carrying optional Medical Payments Coverage, which is referred to as “Med-pay”. Med-pay is supplemental medical insurance through your automobile insurance that will pay for medical bills and medical liens. It is relatively inexpensive. Generally, $5,000.00 in Med-pay coverage costs around $30 per year. Consulting a qualified insurance agent is your best bet to find the coverage that’s right for your particular budget.

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