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Nursing Home Cited For Failing to Protect Against Abuse

Nursing Home Cited For Failing to Protect Against Abuse

They’ve cared for you their entire lives — fed you, nursed your cuts and bruises, cried with you at life’s tragedies, and rejoiced with you in all your victories. Parents give us life and dedicate their lives to ensuring we are cared for through every step of our journeys. So, it’s only right that we do the same for them when they reach an age where they can no longer care for themselves. The nation’s nursing homes fill this role for us when we can no longer do it and they have a sacred obligation to provide at least a reasonable standard of care for our loved ones.

Sadly that isn’t always the case. Nursing home abuse is, unfortunately, a relatively common occurrence in Massachusetts and across the country. Following a May 19 incident, the state of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services cited an elder care facility for not being able to keep their residents from being abused. The citation is related to an incident in May that left bruises on one elderly patient in their care. Apparently, the staff got into a physical altercation with a resident that left him with the reported injuries.

Talks between the department and the facility’s doctor indicated that the man succumbed to the injuries incurred from the incident and other medical issues from which he was already suffering. He died on June 3.

Cases like these are a sad reminder that sometimes nursing homes can be negligent and fail to provide proper care. Residents often suffer from physical and mental abuse because of a lack of safeguards or poorly trained staff.

Our loved ones should never have to suffer this type of abuse. If you suspect mistreatment, a Massachusetts nursing home negligence lawyer may be able to help you build a case.

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