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Press Release – Synthetic Marijuana

Press Release – Synthetic Marijuana

The emergence of synthetic marijuana also referred known as Spice, Fake Pot, or K2, in gas stations and convenience stores across the country poses a significant safety concern to the general public, particularly young adults and teenagers. The product, when smoked, mimics the effects of cannabis but has potency three to five times greater than THC and has reported symptoms of extreme anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.

Because synthetic marijuana is marketed and advertised as incense or potpourri, the manufacturers and retailers can legally distribute and sell the product across the country. Dating back to 2010, this dangerous product is responsible for many serious injuries and deaths.

Spice or synthetic marijuana can be purchased, regardless of age, at local convenience stores and gas stations. In other words, teenagers and adolescents can purchase the drug legally, smoke the substance, and suffer effects more dangerous than many of the DEA’s banned substances. There have been multiple reports whereby teenagers smoke some form of synthetic marijuana, operate a motor vehicle and, due to being significantly impaired, crash the vehicle resulting in serious personal injuries or death to themselves or other innocent victims.

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