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Three Things You Need To Hold A Facility Liable For Nursing Home Negligence

Three Things You Need To Hold A Facility Liable For Nursing Home Negligence

We’re always eager to take on nursing home negligence cases. There’s a large industry that far too often takes advantage of people and consistently understaffs its facilities, despite making a lot of money from families and the government. People get hurt when the staff can’t stay on top of everyone’s needs, and if you know someone who has been hurt please give us a call and we can talk about the legal options you have.

We are happy to explain to you over the phone or in-person what is needed to make a case against a retirement home. In the meantime, here’s an overview of the three basic steps needed:


Just like any other personal injury case, a nursing home negligence case requires that the resident was harmed while they were under the care of the defendant. Was the resident hurt because of the negligent actions of the nursing home staff or administration?

As an example, we’ll use bedsores, which are the most common type of nursing home negligence injuries we see. Bedsores happen when someone is allowed to lie down for long stretches at a time and the pressure of their weight on a surface harms the body. We need to show that the resident received these injuries while lying in a nursing home bed owned by the defendant.


Causation means that the injury was caused by the actions of the staff or administration. In our bedsores case, did staff members fail to turn over or move the patient from time to time? Were there too few people on staff to keep up with each and every nursing home resident? It’s not enough that the injury occurred while at the nursing home, it also has to be caused by the actions or lack of actions from the people who work there.


Lastly, now that we’ve established where the bedsores occurred and why they occurred, we have to show that the bedsores harmed the seniors we represent. Bedsores are an actual injury, and they are both easy to spot and easy to demonstrate that they are harmful. We can then show the medical intervention needed to care for the victim. These have to be actually sustained injuries, not potential injuries that were narrowly avoided.

With liability, causation, and damages all demonstrated, we are able to continue the case and seek compensation from the nursing home that causes the inexcusable injuries. Remember, we’re the experts, you don’t have to come to us with the proof of liability, causation, or damages. We will investigate to make your case as strong as it can be.

The most important thing you need to do is contact us as soon as you suspect there is a problem, as the sooner we get started the better your chances will be of receiving justice. You can visit our website at www.coluccilaw.com or give us a call at 617-917-3917.