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What The Tragedy In Weymouth Needs To Remind Us?

What The Tragedy In Weymouth Needs To Remind Us?

The recent tragedy in Weymouth really underscores just how dangerous driving can be.

Who knows why their car veered off the road and struck a utility pole, but those teenagers’ lives are forever changed. My heart goes out to all of them, especially the family of the young girl who was killed.

Again, I don’t know what happened and I’m not casting aspersions that are baseless, but parents need to reinforce that texting and driving is a fatal combination. I’ve seen people who simply cannot resist the impulse to look at their phone when it sounds like a message. It’s become Pavlovian.

The problem is obvious, however, in that it takes the driver’s attention off the road ahead. Texting and driving is an epidemic that will cost people dearly. Please be mindful of this and act accordingly. In certain instances, there simply will be no second chance.