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Car Crashes Into Bus, Injures 20 Passengers

Car Crashes Into Bus, Injures 20 Passengers

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Massachusetts has a high percentage of alcohol-related traffic fatalities. In 2012, 349 people died in car accidents on our roads, and 42 percent of those were related to alcohol.

It’s sad to think that nearly half of all traffic fatalities were due to such a preventable cause. The DOT also mentioned that about half of the drunk drivers in these accidents were repeat offenders.

The Boston Globe reports that a driver with a DUI history caused an accident that injured approximately 20 people last week. Police say Stephen Griswold swerved into oncoming traffic at approximately 10:40 a.m. before striking a bus carrying 34 passengers. After reconstructing the crash, authorities believe that Griswold drove in the wrong lane at least 50 feet before the collision.

Griswold Acted Strangely After the Car Accident

Witnesses told reporters that they saw Griswold walk into a pharmacy after the wreck and then into a hair salon before police arrived. They described him as shaking uncontrollably. Police arrested him, and he now faces drugged-driving charges. His driving record indicates that he has been arrested for drunk driving twice in the past.

Twenty of the passengers aboard the bus complained of injuries, and paramedics took 13 people to nearby hospitals for treatment. Griswold was also injured in the accident, but police say he did not require hospitalization.

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Police Officer Charged With Drunk Driving After Car Accident

It seems that no one is above driving under the influence these days–not even police officers.  WTNH News reports that Christopher J. Powers was driving his police cruiser when he caused an accident.

The police department was quick to point out that he was not on duty when the crash occurred. Powers drifted over the line, into oncoming traffic and collided with a truck. The accident forced his cruiser to flip.

Both Powers and a passenger in the truck were seriously injured in the crash and were treated at a hospital. Before he was treated, police administered a field sobriety test, which Powers failed.

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