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Educator’s Death Rocks Boston

Educator’s Death Rocks Boston

Car crashes take a number of people every year, especially in big cities such as Boston. While these types of stories seemingly come and go in the headlines, the real-world consequences of such occurrences can have grave impacts on the emotional and financial well-being of families. Ensuring that those responsible for the serious injuries or untimely deaths brought upon our loved ones is a critical step in reconciliation.

Not only may legal action serve as a healing process for the victims of a motor vehicle accident, but it also may help prevent the perpetrator from causing such an incident again. This is where Colucci Colucci & Marcus, P.C. steps in. Our conditioned Boston car accident lawyers are here to provide all of the legal support you need following a car accident.

Van Ummersen And Acquaintances Killed In Needham Accident

Two women in their 80s were killed last Wednesday in a serious car accident on Central Avenue in Needham, Massachusetts. Their 2009 BMW, operated by an 89-year-old man from Needham, slammed into a residential house after heading down North Hill Avenue, eventually crossing over Central Avenue. The afflicted house, 860 Central Ave. was hit at approximately 10:20 a.m.

Both of the women were identified by the Norfolk district attorney’s office as Ann Segal and Claire Van Ummersen. Van Ummerson was an academic figurehead in the Boston and American communities, previously serving the role as interim chancellor of UMass Boston and the admin officer at the Massachusetts Board of Regents of Higher Education. In addition to these accomplishments in Massachusetts, she served as the chancellor of Cleveland State University in Ohio and the University System of New Hampshire. She was said to have held even more posts throughout her lengthy and successful career in academia.

Both women were pronounced dead at the hospital. The man operating the vehicle was also taken to the hospital, but was deemed to have “non-life-threatening injuries” and survived the wreck.

While an investigation is underway by Needham police, no charges have yet been filed. The district attorney’s office and State Police reconstruction and crash analysis experts are also working on getting a better understanding of what happened both before and during the crash.

Educators across the country that were influenced by the professional presence of Van Ummersen have been grieving her sudden death. The University System of New Hampshire, the current president of Cleveland State University Harlan Sands, and Ted Mitchell, the American Council on Education’s president, all had heartfelt words to share about Van Ummersen’s passing. She was remembered as a trailblazer in a time where the role of college president was seldomly given to women.

Van Ummersen commented in an interview with the Boston Globe 32 years ago that she wished to help women succeed in their careers in the world of higher education. She stated that she wished to serve as a referee for the women, providing insight, advice, and counsel, should they need it.

The Firm Defending Victims Of Car Accidents

The life of Van Ummersen reminds the Boston public of the real lives that are behind car crashes we hear about in the media. These types of people often have achievements, aspirations, and accolades attached to their names. Serious injury and unexpected deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are all too common in the rush of everyday life.

Knowing what to do first following an accident like this can be difficult. At Colucci Colucci & Marcus, P.C., we consider it imperative that you reach out to an experienced Boston car accident attorney at your earliest convenience. Doing so will ensure that you have your best emotional and financial interests at heart by seeking justice in the legal system. Please contact us at 617-917-3917 or contact us here for a free case evaluation.