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Massachusetts Bridge Leads To Truck Accidents

Massachusetts Bridge Leads To Truck Accidents

Usually, when we think of truck accidents, we imagine a truck in a state of disrepair having a tire blowout and causing a devastating collision, or a distracted or fatigued driver drifting in his lane and striking another vehicle. While these are certainly examples of truck accidents, there are many other factors that can contribute to a truck accident, many of which you may have no warning. This is why it is recommended to always exercise caution when driving near a truck.

Massachusetts residents may be familiar with the East Street Bridge, a relatively small bridge with a relatively large reputation. The bridge has a clearance of 10-and-a-half feet, and this short clearance has thus far contributed to six truck accidents in this year alone. The problem has become so great that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is beginning plans to redesign the bridge in an effort to reduce such instances.

What seems to continue happening is that large trucks that reach well over 10-and-a-half feet attempt to travel under the bridge and strike into it, causing serious damage to themselves and potentially to other drivers around them. Recently two trucks have suffered damage following a collision with the bridge. Vehicles that are traveling behind the truck or coming in the opposite direction may suddenly find themselves colliding with a truck that came to an abrupt stop.

The good news for these individuals is that they could still be compensated for any injuries they suffer in such an accident. Truck drivers have a responsibility to know the heights of their trucks and react accordingly. If a truck driver crashes into a bridge and causes an accident, he or she could be held responsible for the damages due to negligent driving.

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