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Massachusetts Motorcyclist Seriously Injured In Car Wreck

Massachusetts Motorcyclist Seriously Injured In Car Wreck

Motorcycling can be an enjoyable and exhilarating activity for many Massachusetts residents. However, should a motorist fail to see a motorcycle in their path, an exciting ride can turn into a devastating motor vehicle accident.

Recently, an accident involving a car and a motorcycle have sent the motorcyclist to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries to his leg. A motorist driving a Ford Explorer was attempting to make a left-hand turn into a parking lot, when he allegedly struck the motorcyclist, sending the motorcyclist hurling off of his vehicle. The driver of the Ford claimed he did not realize the motorcyclist was there, and as of right now will not face any charges. The motorcyclist was sent to Boston Medical Center via ambulance where his condition has since been upgraded from critical to serious.

Due to their small size, motorcycles can be difficult to see in the best of conditions, but especially at intersections. In addition, motorcyclists are more prone to injuries in a car crash than are passengers of automobiles, as their vehicles do not provide the same amount of protection that an automobile does. Studies show that motorcyclists are 26 percent more likely than automobile drivers to be killed in a motor vehicle accident. Because of this, motorists must always be aware of motorcyclists in their vicinity. Should a motorist cause a car accident that injures or kills a motorcyclist, they could find themselves subject to a negligence lawsuit.

Damages a motorcyclist may be compensated for include past and future medical expenses lost wages and pain and suffering. This compensation may go a long way towards helping the motorcyclist or their loved ones recover from the incident.

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