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Outside Factors Can Affect Car Accidents

Outside Factors Can Affect Car Accidents

We have all heard that accidents happen, and while this may be true, accidents including car accidents are always caused by something. A child spilling milk is an accident in the sense that the child likely did not mean to make a mess, but at the same time, the accident was directly caused by the child doing something that resulted in the spilled milk. The same can be said of car accidents. Even though they may happen unintentionally, there is usually someone who was doing something that was the catalyst to the car accident.

Often, we turn toward the drivers involved in the car accident and attempt to determine which of these drivers was engaging in reckless or negligent driving behaviors. However, there are accidents in which neither driver was truly at fault. In these instances, we must look to factors outside of the drivers themselves to determine who was at fault. There can be many options.

Sometimes a driver was allowing plenty of space to stop in the event of unexpected circumstances, and yet even though they see an obstacle and attempt to stop, they cannot because their brakes fail. In this instance, the driver was not at fault, but the vehicle itself. If the driver knew that his or her brake pads might fail, then the driver should have made an attempt to fix the problem. However, if the driver did not know about the defective brake pads, an investigation could be launched to determine if the manufacturer of the vehicle is at fault for using defective brake pads.

Similarly, poorly maintained roads could contribute to an accident, as well as traffic signals that do not work as intended. All of these factors must be considered when investigating a car accident to determine who was truly at fault. This is yet another reason that victims are encouraged to seek legal assistance so that they are able to fully investigate all factors and determine who or what was truly at fault. If you have been injured in a car accident in Massachusetts, consider meeting with a car accident attorney to build a strong claim for compensation.