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Personal-Injury Lawyer Report: Drunk Driver Arrested After Fatal Accident

Personal-Injury Lawyer Report: Drunk Driver Arrested After Fatal Accident

According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, 35 percent of all fatal car crashes in Massachusetts involve a drunk driver. It’s tragic that so many deaths in our state are preventable. In many cases, drunk-driving accidents lead to deaths in the impaired driver’s vehicle.

That is what happened in a recent car accident that involved a Massachusetts driver. MassLive News reports that Miguel Barreto, Jr. was driving with two passengers early in the morning when he crashed his vehicle. He’d borrowed the car from a family member to drive his cousin. Sadly, no one survived the crash.

Police say Barreto lost control of his vehicle while attempting to merge onto the highway. He hit a guardrail at a high rate of speed, and the impact launched his car into the air. It landed on its side before sliding more than 150 feet and colliding with a lamppost.

During an investigation, officers found illicit drugs and alcohol in the car. They determined that Barreto was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Pedestrians Struck at Night in Boston

Police are remaining silent about a fatal pedestrian accident that occurred last week. CBS News reports that one vehicle struck two pedestrians who were walking across the road after 9 p.m. before another vehicle struck at least one of them again.

One of the pedestrians died at the scene; the other sustained critical injuries. Paramedics also took two people who were in the first vehicle to the hospital with serious injuries. Police refuse to discuss what caused the crash.

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Bicyclist Seriously Injured in Car Accident

Boston Magazine reports that a lumber truck struck and ran over a cyclist in a construction zone last week. As is usually the case with bicycle accidents, the truck attempted to turn right in front of the cyclist who was going straight. Witnesses say the bike frame twisted around the woman’s thigh and crushed it. A construction worker who witnessed the accident said a police officer should have been directing traffic at the busy intersection due to the construction.

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