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Personal-Injury Lawyer News: Bicycle Accident Roundup

Personal-Injury Lawyer News: Bicycle Accident Roundup

Collaboration between advocacy groups and researchers in Boston yielded a map of bike crashes in the city. Boston Magazine explains that the image depicts crashes from the past three years; however, it’s not up-to-date enough to show the incidents that occurred in 2014.

One of the crashes missing from the map involved a garbage truck driver and a bicyclist. Police say Ricky Prezario struck Owen McGrory in April before leaving the scene of the accident.

McGrory died from injuries he suffered in the crash. Prosecutors charged Prezario with homicide and leaving the scene, but a grand jury recently decided not to indict him.

CBS Boston reports that prosecutors were upset by the lack of an indictment. There is no doubt McGrory’s family was also dismayed to hear the news. Unfortunately, this type of situation is far too common, and the family members of cyclists that die in car accidents may not be able to find justice in the criminal courtroom.

Thankfully, they can seek justice and compensation through a civil lawsuit. If you are looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you file charges against a negligent driver after a bicycle accident, call us.

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Man Hospitalized After Bike Accident

According to WCVB News, EMS airlifted a bike accident victim to a nearby hospital after a collision with a school bus. Police would not release the man’s name but did say he was 52 years old.

At approximately 8:00 a.m., the school bus collided with the cyclist. Within half an hour, paramedics were flying the man to a medical center with serious yet non-life-threatening injuries. Police say the man was wearing a helmet, which is probably what saved his life.

Neither the bus driver nor any of the students were hurt in the crash.

Bike-Sharing Programs Could Increase the Risk of Head Injuries

The Washington Post reports that cities with bike-share programs have a higher rate of head injuries among cyclists. The reason is simple.

The program provides bikes but fails to provide helmets. Not many tourists or commuters think to bring their own helmets, especially since the rentals lend themselves to spur-of-the-moment customers. University researchers found that cities with these programs could see up to a 14 percent increase in the number of head injuries.

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